Intuitive Life Coaching

Janet Whitener 

Channeled Messages From Aero, Medium, Psychic, Intuitive Counselor

$175 hr        $90  30 min.

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Janet is a gifted metaphysician with thirty five years of experience in sharing messages and information for those willing to ask the questions. Detailed, precise information is offered with a depth of humor only Spirit can bring. For Janet a near death experience at the age of twenty changed the direction of her life forever. Hear her story and meet those she calls her unseen, unconditionally loving friends and family. You will be welcome, you will be touched, you will be loved! Enjoy an opportunity to lovingly Interact with Spirit!

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Eve SpiritSpeaks, M.D.

Chakra reader, Photo Psychometrist, Doreen Virtue certified Angel Card reader, Akashic Record Origins of Your Soul reader

$95 for 30 min     $165 for 1 hr    $135 for 45 min

(949) 752-5272

Dr. Eve is a psychiatrist who graduated from UCLA School of Medicine. A natural born empath, she since then has sensed that her lifelong intuitive skills have been a sign of her soul’s calling to spiritually help and heal others like you.

Dr. Eve is certified by Doreen Virtue as an Angel card reader. She is also a certified Akashic practitioner who even provides in-depth soul path readings, including where your soul originated, if requested. Dr. Eve specializes in reading chakras for relationships. For individuals she clairvoyantly visualizes your chakras and finds where they are blocked: she can give these areas healing while reading your chakras. Dr. Eve is adept at photo psychometry. Finally, Dr. Eve calls on your Holy Trinity: your subconscious, conscious, and Higher Spirit, who can speak to her regarding areas of greatest need for you, and point you toward your highest good.

As an Angel card reader, Akashic practitioner, chakra balancer, photo psychometrist and Holy Trinity communicator, Dr. Eve aims to enlighten, instill hope and empower you to connect to your source of energy and love so that you can better find your way in life. She is a highly educated, compassionate and approachable healer who looks forward to helping as many of you as she can reach, to the best of her ability.

Life on earth is short—make your appointment with Dr. Eve soon and get started! She would love to assist you. Contact Dr. Eve at [email protected] to request her availability for group, couple, or individual psychic service.

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Shelly J. Miller

Intuitive Counselor, Psychic, Medium, Transformational LIfe Coach

(949) 752-5272

$333 60 min   $155  30 min    $444  90 min

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Shelly J. Miller is a gifted Intuitive Counselor, Psychic, Medium, Akashic Records Reader, (Past Life Information), and a Transformational Life Coach who was born with her gifts intact and has been reading professionally for nearly 30 years.  Shelly is known for accessing deeply accurate and detailed information and is a Master at Guiding you with all her skills through any issues or questions, be they personal, about relationships, business and career, health, travel, relocating, finding your path, and Spiritual Awakening. As a Medium, Shelly can connect you with your guides and family and friends who have passed on and are living in another dimension.  Her knowledge of Spiritual Law and A Course In Miracles will help you to understand how to identify and release what may be blocking you from the happiness and peace you are seeking.  You will leave feeling empowered and at peace, with answers to your questions and a clear game plan as to how to move forward in a positive direction.

Shelly J. Miller is a Member of Best American Psychics, the nation’s most elite, professional psychic directory.  

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Virginie Miramon

Intuitive Life Coaching

30 min  $80         60 min   $150

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Receive spiritual guidance and intuitive messages to help you on your
path.Do you wish to bring healing and balance back into your life? Would you like to base this new journey from the heart of the divine within? Let Virginie Miramon and her heart be your guide.  Born an empath, a seer with deep connection to the Divine Light and the truth of who we are, Virginie offers the gift of instant knowing. Your guidance will come from her
uncompromising connection based on universal truth and unconditional love.

Virginie speaks of the importance of living in the Now, the power of acceptance and the magic of standing in trust in simple, yet profound ways.
Virginie is here to facilitate your healing and assist you on your path to transformation. It is her joy to help re-awaken the light within, take you gently into your own heart and find the way to a loving peaceful state of being.

Davidian Lyon, CHHT

Hypno Human Design Guide

30 min   $100                    60 min   $200

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In our session together, you’ll discover the flawless way you were designed to make consistently correct decisions that you can trust, as well as learn about your hidden strengths and vulnerabilities.

Having this level of self-knowledge is INVALUABLE, because it’s like getting your life’s unique user’s manual or cheat codes.

Using a system called Human Design, which is based on your specific birth details (including your spot-on birth time*)…

I will share with you:

  • HOW your were uniquely designed to confidently determine WHO, WHAT, WHERE, and WHEN is correct for you!
  • HOW to read the Universe’s cues that consistently dictate your RIGHT TIMING and RIGHT ACTION, which is different for everyone, and crucial for staying on your most fulfilling life path and stand in your power!
  • HOW you condition the environment around you and the parts of you that are influenced and sometimes highjacked by others.

As part of our session, you will also receive your unique Human Design chart… the best self-portrait you will ever see!

So if you are experiencing any doubt about your next steps in life or would simply like to learn your unique method for repeatedly making the right choices for yourself, achieve consistently better outcomes,

instead of just winging it,  and discover strengths and vulnerabilities that may have remained under the radar, then let’s connect.

Future YOU will thank you!

Please watch the following video for more info about what to expect from this experience:

Barbie Moreno

Intuitive Life Coach

30 min   $138                    50 min   $188

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Discover Your Path to Transformation with Intuitive Life Coach Barbie Moreno.

Embark on a journey of profound transformation and embrace the life you were meant to live. Imagine a space where your deepest truths are not only heard but celebrated, where each step you take is towards a fuller, more vibrant version of yourself.

This isn’t just coaching; it’s an expansion of your soul. With each session, you’ll feel an uplifting shift, as if you’re unlocking the boundless potential that has always resided within you. Your coach, Barbie, a beacon of resilience and transformation, brings more than just strategies; she brings a heart full of unconditional love and compassion, mirroring the love you will learn to cultivate for yourself.

On this journey, you’ll delve into the realms of reflection, ownership, perception, and feelings, integrating these into clear, achievable goals. The results? More than just tangible achievements; you’ll experience a profound inner expansion and an elevation in your vibrational energy.

Imagine living a life where balance is not just a concept, but a practiced reality. Where stress is not a burden, but a challenge that you navigate with grace and understanding. This is what it means to work with transformative life coach Barbie Moreno – a chance to not only dream of a fulfilled life but to actively create it, step by soulful step.

Today is your day to choose transformation. To step into a life where every action, every thought, reflects the wholeness of your being. Let your journey of expansion and transcendence begin.

Book your experience with Barbie, and let’s unlock the extraordinary together.

Your future is waiting. Are you ready to meet it?

Allison Perks, LMFT

Intuitive Life Coaching

30 min   $125                    45 min   $175

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Allison Perks is a gifted psychic medium from her earliest memory.  She connects with Guides, departed loved ones, ascended masters, angels and other beings of the light that are available to help return us to our soul’s path. As a trained therapist with over 25 years of experience providing psychotherapy services, she is able to communicate messages in a healing manner.  Her services include providing a combination of psychic reading, mediumship reading, past life reading and remote healing as a Psychic Healer, Usui Reiki Master and Karuna® Reiki Master.

Allison will tailor the session to your needs and help you with guidance towards your next steps by clearing any limiting beliefs from this life or past life experiences, clearing your space to help you align with your highest good and connecting you with your Guides.  Allison feels blessed to assist clients to re-connect with themselves through a loving and compassionate lens as she believes that when we are aligned with ourselves, the path becomes clear, and this allows us to connect to our purpose and love ourselves and others more fully.

Jessi Marcotte

Spiritual Counselor , Reiki Master, Energy Healer, Chakra Kids Practitioner

30 min   $70                    60 min   $125

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Spiritual counseling and healing helps you be able to evolve in the way you really want, and to feel happier, more peaceful, and more connected to the bigger picture. So many of us are going through an awakening in consciousness process on earth right now which means that many more of us than ever before are starting to wonder what else is out there. People are starting to question their way of living and feeling that there is a different way of being. We all are starting to wake up more and more to the understanding that there is much more than our limited vision of reality tells us.

As an intuitive and healer I have gone through my own process of spiritual awakening that changed everything about the way I see the world. This opened me up to the calling that I have now to help others expand their consciousness in order to continue the evolution of awareness of humanity. I understand this process on a personal level and am so honored and blessed that it is my job to help others awaken as well! Let’s work together to bring balance and peace into your life.


Soul Profiler, Intuitive Energy Alchemist, Life Purpose Guide and Spiritual Journey Mentor

$125 for 45 min      $225 for 90 min

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Hiba is a seasoned Intuitive Life Coach dedicated to guiding individuals towards personal transformation and empowerment. With a profound understanding of the intricacies of the human experience, Hiba blends intuitive insights with practical coaching techniques. Grounded in empathy and a genuine passion to help others Hiba creates a supportive and non-judgmental space for clients to find their life purpose and embark on a transformative journey that transcends limitations.

Hiba’s holistic approach integrates intuitive guidance, goal-setting, and personalized strategies to foster self-awareness and facilitate positive change. Whether navigating career transitions, relationship challenges, or personal growth milestones, Hiba empowers clients to tap into their inner wisdom, overcome obstacles, and design a life aligned with their authentic selves.


Clairvoyant, Life Coach, Tarot, Empath Intuitive, Aura Reader, Reiki Master

$150 for 60 min      $75 for 30 min    $200 for 90 min

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Born with the gift of insight, Panos is a multi-generational Clairvoyant intuitive Psychic who has been helping and guiding people from Coast to Coast. His innate psychic abilities and range of skills has brought him clients from all over the globe and all walks of life from varied professions. His experience, wisdom and depth have cultivated a rich and diverse perspective which are evident in his readings. He is considered one of the top in his field among his clients and peers.

Panos also focuses on life path issues, helping clients understand their current situations and work towards greater peace and understanding. His aim is to offer hope and clarity to those seeking peace of mind. Panos is a Clairvoyant, Empathic Psychic who is also a Life Coach, Certified Reiki Master and Aura reader who gains insight from his spirit guides.

Panos is able to connect and assist people to receive messages Clairvoyantly using Tarot, Oracle Cards, and Pendulum.