Dream Power Workshop w/ Marjorie Miles, DCH

Dream Power Workshop $17.77 by Marjorie Miles, DCH 2 hours of video

Imagine using your sleep dreams and daydreams to live your Life’s Dreams! In this exciting, information-packed workshop, you will:
• Understand the Secrets for Easy Dream Recall
• Learn 6 Easy Steps to Creating a Powerful & Revealing Dream Journal
• Discover the 6 Elements to Interpreting Dream Language and the Meaning of Your Personal Symbols
• Experience A “Waking” Dream Journey and “Hear the Guide Inside”
• Turn Nightmares into Sources of Power…And Much, Much More!

Intuitive Tarot – Teri Lynn CanSee

Intuitive Tarot Basic Level taught by Teri Lynn CanSee. $14.95 This is an introductory video.  This is a little more than 3 hours.

This class is the basic level of information about learning to build your intuition using tarot cards as the tool. Teri Lynn takes you from the ground up in this fun, informative and effective class teaching you to build your intuitive skills as you learn to have fun with tarot. By the end of this class you will be able to begin to practice readings on yourself and friends.