Virginie Miramon


A natural seer and intuitive, Virginie has been working in the healing realms for over 20 years. Based in Dana Point, California, she offers her services as a professional certified PureBioenergy® therapist and as an Intuitive. Virginie is available for private in-person or remote sessions in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese.

PureBioenergy® is a natural healing modality using the energy of Life itself to address physical and emotional ailments by facilitating and supporting the body’s own ability to self-heal. It is a simple, elegant and structured method with great results.

Each therapy is done in person or long distance, in private or in group, over the course of 4 consecutive days with one session a day. A session lasts anywhere between 15 to 40 minutes depending on the issue to treat. There is a protocol for almost every condition, from chronic pains to more serious issues (physical, psychological and emotional), including auto-immune or other “incurable” afflictions. People from all ages benefit from the therapy, including children and pets (autistic children respond amazingly well to PureBioenergy® Healing).

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Certified Ho’oponopono Practitioner – November 2020

Certified Spiritual Healing Practitioner Level 2/ Joanne Brocas – July 2019

Certified Spiritual Healing Practitioner Level 1/ Joanne Brocas – March 2019

Pro Certified PureBioenergy® Therapist – June 2019

PureBioenergy Training Level 1 & 2 – February 2019

Certified Indian Champissage Practitioner – December 2018

Star Magic Healing Training 1 – February 2018

Higher Clairvoyance Course – November 2005

Advanced Pranic Healing –  September 2005

Pranic Psychotherapy – September 2005

Pranic Healing – June 2005

Kriyashakti Course – July 2004

Violet Flame Reiki level 1 & 2 – May 2003

Usui Reiki Level 2 – March 2002

Usui Reiki Level 1 – March 2001





Group Healing 

“I feel things moving through like sadness and anger and feel calmer and more creative afterwards.” M.

“Your sessions are so important in helping us stay attuned, and I’m so grateful for your attention to this group, as we all clearly are…. When the world is flaming insane our gathering is an oasis we can look forward to.” S.

“Thank you from my heart and soul for the healing sessions!!!

I have been feeling very serene and peaceful and with a lot of gratitude in my heart center.” C.

“Thank you so much for the past 4 days. I love this gift you shared with us.” D.

“To people so bombarded with sensationalism, the kind of work you do is difficult to quantify.

In the moment, that is… It is so subtle, and yet, for me, the effects have been enormous.

Knots have dissolved. I was not acknowledging the knots, actually, but I feel more comfortable in my body than I’ve been aware of for quite a while. Thank you so much!” S.

Intuitive Life Coaching

“I cannot wait to have your energetic embrace.

Thank you again for your light and loving kindness.” V.

“These sessions have been so filled with peace. I find my body shaking at times and other times simply seeing the infinity sign and being enveloped by loving energy…” M

“Virginie is an angelic healer. I feel truly blessed that God and the Angels worked through this special lady to help me get to the core of my pain. 23 years ago, as a little girl I accumulated many shocks in my body whilst experiencing the war in Bosnia for 2 and a half years. Virginie gently uncovered the layers of my tragedies and cleaned the dense energies that were suffocating me for as far as I could remember. She opened my heart to such an extent that after only my second therapy with her I was called to meditate (meditating is very new to me), leaving me with a blissful feeling and vision, different to anything I’d ever experienced before. I am eternally grateful to this beautiful lady for helping me recognize and understand the pain I’ve been carrying and also for teaching me tools that I have continued to use after my treatment in everyday life. I would recommend Virginie to any human on this planet who wants to be blessed with pure healing hands.” S., London

“Virginie’s work is one of extreme beauty. With the touch of her hands, you feel as if you are transported into another place and time where peace resounds. Her work left me with a beautiful, calming & love opening experience.” A., North Carolina

“I never had energy work before, so I was a bit skeptical about its effectiveness. Happily, my sessions were a bit mind blowing! I received some clarity and reconnection with my deceased husband in my first session and experienced a strong emotional release. Another time Virginie miraculously opened up my hip and pelvis area that had become so tight that I had actually stopped hiking. I was able to experience the joy of hiking once again!” L., Florida

Purebioenergy Healing 

STRESS AND ANXIETY: ‘“Thank you again for your wonderful healing energy work. In the midst of this pandemic, I’ve been feeling a little bit guilty because thanks to you, I’ve really not been at all stressed and actually have been feeling very calm, relaxed, even playful at times. Just like in your sessions when I feel very soothed, calm, relaxed and completely at peace. Thank you very much for helping me get through this crisis in such a detached and unfazed manner.” – D., Laguna Hills, California

STRESS AND ANXIETY: “Thank you so much for the PureBioenergy group healing. I felt great after each session and by the end of day 4 I saw a huge shift in my stress level and anxiety. I wish I could bring all my friends that are going through such a hardship with the current situation, the entire world need healing!” – M., New York, New York

TMG: “I’ve been struggling with TMJ for many years, it became worse over the last two years. I tried acupuncture, massage, even botox, and although they gave me temporary relief it never lasted. After my first session with Virginie I began to feel relief in my jaw, and it continued to release tension over the next 3 sessions. I feel liberated from the pain and tension that I’ve felt over the last two years!” – M., Iowa City, Iowa

PREGNANCY: “Thank goodness for Virginie and her incredible work. I am currently pregnant with my second child and was feeling constant pressure and experiencing consistent spotting and bleeding due to my placenta sitting too low. I was put on an on and off bedrest most of my first trimester and so I sought the help of Virginie and PureBioenergy. After our first session together the pressure I had been experiencing was completely gone and the spotting had significantly minimized. I stopped spotting all together during the second round of therapy. My placenta had moved up a little bit but was still sitting too low, so the doctors were talking C-section, which terrified me, I never entertained the idea of having a C-section before! I am now 28 weeks pregnant, and we are no longer talking about the possibility of a C-section. My placenta has fully moved and is no longer blocking the baby’s way out. I can’t not thank Virginie enough for all the incredible work. This pregnancy would have been so much harder on me without her and the PureBioenergy healing technique.” – N., Laguna Niguel, California

ARTHRITIS: “For the past 24 hours I’ve had very little pain in my hips and knees. Pretty good sleep last night, I haven’t felt this good in months!” – L., Costa Mesa, California

HYPERTHYROID IMBALANCE: “I want to let you know that I went to my doctor and my thyroid levels are perfect (with my current meds). This is significant because I was really fearing that I would need a big increase in meds or even thyroid removal as my symptoms had radically intensified prior to receiving the PureBioenergy treatment. I am completely stabilized and that comes as a wonderful surprise. And the symptoms have all disappeared!” – K., Dana Point, California

DIGESTIVE ISSUES: “My 5-year-old son has Cystic Fibrosis which really affects his digestion. During the summer he got dehydrated and had a severe case of constipation. He would moan in pain from not being able to go to the bathroom. We asked for Virginie’s help with PureBioenergy to see if it would give him some comfort. She worked with him several days through long-distance work. Every single time within a half hour he would be able to go to the bathroom. He would be able to relax and quite often sleep for a while after. For a five-year-old to ask me to call her for a session, I knew he was feeling relief from it. We were very grateful for her help!” – N., Rancho Cucamonga, California

HYPOTHYROID HEALING: “Diagnosed with Hypothyroid in my 30’s, I’ve have had problems with the medications prescribed. I was experiencing anxiety, sleepless nights and heart palpitations. One month after beginning Pure Bio-Energy treatments performed by Virginie, my doctor ran blood work and lowered my med dosage from 150 mcgs to 135 mcgs. My doctor has ran blood work every three months since then, and I’m am now down to 75 mcgs of meds daily. I truly believe the lowering of my meds, reducing my anxiety and eliminating my sleep issues are the incredible results of Virginie’s calming, healing Pure Bio-Energy treatments. With continuing Pure Bio-Energy treatments I’m confident I will become free of taking thyroid meds.” – L., Costa Mesa, California

WELL-BEING: “Thank you for my recent magical sessions. In an attempt to describe my experience, I’m afraid words fall short. All I can say is I have had an unprecedented past few day in all aspects of my life – when I am alone, when I am with my husband, when I am with friends, and when I am at work with colleagues – the energy prevails. Happiness, freedom, authenticity, joy, and most of all the feeling that I can accomplish my greatest gift and fulfill my deepest potential as a woman and an inspiration to be healthy, whole, and vibrant at any age and any stage in my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you Virginie.” – M., Laguna Niguel, California

PHOBIA: “My 8-year-old son was helped greatly with a fear of high ceilings through PureBioenergy. Virginie worked with him for a few days, long distance, after first talking to him on the phone where she explained to him how to receive the work. High ceilings made him feel very unstable and the work that she did with him made him able to cope better with that feeling. We are thankful for the help!” – N., Rancho Cucamonga, California

MEGA COLON – CAT: “My cat suffers from a potentially fatal condition called mega colon where his bowels don’t move. It’s basically severe, life-threatening constipation. Each time this happens he needs a trip to the vet to get subcutaneous fluids and high doses of laxative. It is an extremely painful condition and if it happens too frequently, will require the removal of his colon. The last time he had a bought of it, we were about a 1/2 day in and I called Virginie. It usually takes a day or two before our cat finds relief and is able to pass his stool but about 15 or so minutes after he had his first session out of four he was able to go. It was the first time that his episode didn’t go on for a couple days and he seemed better and better each day of his sessions. He’s been fine since and I’m seriously considering having regular work done on him to continue his good health and prevent future issues. Virginie is amazing. She is a highly compassionate person and an absolute expert in this work.” – T., Santa Monica, California

CHRONIC NECK PAIN: “I have been practicing physical therapy for the last 24 years. I have had significant neck pain for the last 5 years following a car accident. I have had numerous highly talented fellow physical therapists work on my neck over the years. I would get temporary relief, but never more than like, 25% relief. I was absolutely amazed when my neck pain was decreased by 90% after my first PureBioenergy session with Virginie. After completing the 4 sessions (the first one in person, the 3 other long distance), my pain was completely resolved, and I had more energy than I have had in years! What an incredible healing modality and what a talented and true healer Virginie is! I am so grateful to her, and I believe that energy healing is the future.” – H., San Diego, California

SHOULDER PAIN/ROTATOR CUFF: “I have been dealing with right rotator cuff/shoulder pain since I fell on my back 4 years ago, waking up every morning with pain, not being able to use my right hand to brush my hair for example, unable to sleep on my right side (my favorite position!), feeling constant pain throughout the day. No pain medication or chiropractic adjustment helped. After my first long distance session with Virginie (I live overseas), the pain was down to 50%. At the end of the four days, I woke up with no pain in my right shoulder and was able to brush my hair using my right hand for the first time in years! I found the sessions to be very soothing and calming as well on other levels. I felt very relaxed during the treatments, and very happy and energized the following days.

We did a second round of treatment 3 weeks later to take care of the now occasional pain. I thoroughly enjoyed the work again, feeling so good during and after each session. I am now enjoying sleeping on my right side again and the pain is completely gone thanks to the PureBioenergy treatments. I thought I was going to deal with this for the rest of my life, I am so happy…” – Y., Casablanca, Morocco

DERMATITIS: “I was recently diagnosed with dermatitis. It was all over my scalp, my face, neck, and other parts of my body. I was itching and scratching for over a week, unable to get relief with the creams and medications prescribed by my doctor. I was barely sleeping on edge, exhausted from hurting all over. That is when I decided to book a treatment with Virginie. At the end of the first long distance session, the itching/burning sensations went down. I was calm and relaxed and was able to sleep through the night without itching. On day 2, the itching /burning sensations were gone, with still traces of red bumps here and there, drying up. On day 3, the dermatitis was completely gone! I am so thankful for PureBioenergy and Virginie!” – Y., Casablanca, Morocco

MILD DEPRESSION: “I feel so much better about myself and the world around me. I have had 2 long distance treatments with Virginie over the course of 2 months for some depressive state I was going through (difficult family matters I had to deal with), and I cannot believe how effective and positive this has been for me… Every session has been extremely calming and peaceful, followed by a sense of joy and inner peace for days on. I am so grateful for this therapy and Virginie’s gentle care.” – M., Casablanca, Morocco

NAUSEA & MENSTRUAL CRAMPS: “The healing sessions with Virginie drastically improved my symptoms. Prior to treatment, I was suffering from frequent nausea and cramps for about a month. It greatly affected my day-to-day life, as I had a very little appetite and would often feel sick throughout the day. However, after just the first treatment I noticed a significant decrease in the intensity and frequency of my nausea and cramps. After two sessions my symptoms were almost entirely gone. By the final session, I no longer had any symptoms. This was truly amazing as previous to treatment I was unable to go a day without feeling nauseated or having menstrual cramps. Not only did I feel physically better after each session, I also noticed that I felt calmer and more relaxed after the sessions. Since the treatment I have had no symptoms and have felt amazing.” – P., San Diego, California

SCIATICA: “Last night I had no pain, I didn’t have to take any medication and my back felt great all night and feels great today, so thanks again!” – K., Dana Point, California

LOWER BACK PAIN & BURSITIS (SHOULDER): “After unsuccessful physiotherapies, I have received a few long-distance treatments from Virginie for my bursitis and lower back pain. Virginie was very professional in her approach and after just 4 sessions, my lower back pain was gone, and the bursitis shrank. Thank you so much!” – Z., Melbourne, Australia

COLD SORES: “I’ve known Virginie for quite some time now and she’s always been a powerful and intuitive energy healer. I’ve seen her help so many through different healing events and modalities. Now, as a PureBioenergy Pro Therapist, she is reaching and healing even more people all over in the world! Personally, she helped me with a virus I’ve carried and struggled with my whole life. With the first session I could feel the energy of the virus and the stress and depression associated with it really diminish. After a few sessions I feel that it’s really been released, and I no longer have the same fear of it coming back up. Thank you Virginie for all of the healing and for being such a wonderful person!” – P., Reno, Nevada

HEMORRHOIDS: Results after the 1st session: “My hemorrhoids have withdrawn significantly, and the itching is almost non-existent.” – A., Skokie, Illinois

INCONTINENCE: “I am so happy, I haven’t dripped at all today and yesterday, it is the very first time in many years, thank you so much!” – I., Peoria, Arizona

HEARING LOSS: “I contacted Virginie to see if she could help me with some hearing issues I’ve had for many many years. I had some tinnitus and difficulty hearing in restaurants and such when people were talking like in the background. About a week after she had worked on my hearing, I was in my garage doing some exercises when I suddenly realized I could hear a cricket… it was quite a shock to me, I haven’t been able to hear the sound of a cricket in many years, suddenly something has changed in my hearing… PureBioenergy is just amazing!” – K., Los Angeles, California

OVERALL HEALING: ”Thank you for your warmth, expertise and generosity.  It was an amazing and wonderful experience meeting you and having you send energy my way!

Over the four days, I found the results to be quite amazing, from the energy directing me how to move injured body parts to help them heal to just an overall, great, light, wonderful feeling that caused two strangers to say hello to me within 10 minutes after one session, which I don’t think has ever happened in my whole life!  My friend said I looked very healthy and was glowing right after our second session.  It is how I felt, so it definitely makes sense.

I felt progress with my injured areas, including most importantly, my brain!  I didn’t return to my 25-year-old brain; however, I felt a cleaner, clearer, healthier outlook in my brain than in recent times.  I loved that.

Another time during a remote session, I felt like a there was a gentle hand across my forehead and during that same session, felt a small area of massaging energy along the left side of my head, which had been in pain prior to the session.  I mentioned that there is a good heaviness on my upturned hands when I’m receiving therapy and during another remote session, I felt like the energy wrapped around my right thumb, which shakes at times (which btw, I hadn’t told you about before that session).

Everyone should be able to experience this experience.  Thank you so much again for helping me. “  G., Los Angeles

Knee Pain: ”I had been suffering for nearly 2 years from knee pain and arthritis after 2 arthroscopic surgeries. I was overweight, depressed and couldn’t get off the couch when I met Virginie, the most incredible person. She put her hand straight away on the problem area and I felt energy flow in me. A few sessions later, her soft kind giving soul channeled my pain and released the past. I have never felt pain in my knee again. I also got off my couch and started taking better care of myself. Virginie is the real deal, I feel lucky to have met her.” C., San Clemente