Distance Energy Healing

Marcie Howard  

Reiki Sound Healing, Kuan Yin Oracle Card Reading

                30 Min  $50          60 Min    $80          90 min     $120
(949) 954-3052      Extension   724          $Pay for your session$

Marcie has studied and trained with Reiki Masters in both California and Washington. Her journey with Reiki began with Spiritual Director Denise Maroney, M.A. and continues with Reverend Christine Hernandez LMT/RMT, and Reverend Tom Sanders. She has also trained with world-renowned Sound Healer Tom Kenyon, Ph.D.

Marcie is a Certified Sound Healer and active member of the Sound Healer’s Association. Highly intuitive and clairvoyant, she coaches individuals in meeting their challenges and growth opportunities. Clients are inspired and encouraged to step forth into their lives feeling empowered, peace-filled and balanced.

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Carolyn Kaufman 

Guided Distance Energy Healing, Rainbow Touch Healing

30 min  $65         60 min   $125     90 min  $175

(949) 954-3052      Extension   702    $Pay for session$

Carolyn  often uses distance energy healing with clients.  This type of healing can be done with the client outside the immediate proximity.  With trust established and the clients’ permission, Carolyn uses her intuition to tune in to one’s energy field to identify challenges or blocks.  Once these are identified, she intuits what type of healing would be the most beneficial.  She then channels this healing energy to the client, utilizing the healing modalities she is guided to use to help the client clear energy blocks, and to reduce or relieve pain.  Carolyn helps them to understand the messages of the current issue and shows them which “tools” would be beneficial for clients to use. These tools can include (but are not limited to), meditation practices, applicable affirmations, and relevant resources.  They can use this valuable information on their own to break away from these challenges and help to avoid reoccurrences, thus promoting their own healing process.

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