Distance & In-Person Healing

Janet Woods, Msc.d  

Space Clearing & Harmonization, Personal Auric Field and Soul Alignment. Medical Reiki Distance Wellness, Entity Reiki Energetics 

15 Min  $40          30 Min  $75          60 Min    $150          90 min     $200

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Janet Woods, MSc.D, is an esteemed authority in Asian Metaphysics, with a doctorate that highlights her deep insight into the subtle energies that shape our existence. Her dedication to the well-being of her clients is reflected in her holistic approach to harmonizing not only their living and working environments but also their personal auric fields. Janet’s expertise extends to the practice of Medical Reiki and her proprietary Entity Reiki Energetics, which she has developed over her 25-year career.

Janet’s work is centered on the belief that true harmony is achieved when the space, body, and soul are in alignment. She offers personalized services that clear and balance the individual , while also addressing the person’s energetic state. Her innovative techniques for energetic clearing are designed to release earthbound trapped entities and restore a sense of peace and vitality.

Through her work, Janet Woods, Msc.D and her commitment to the harmonization of the space, the body, and the soul, coupled with her unique Entity Reiki Energetics, provides a transformative experience that empowers individuals to live in greater harmony with the world around them..

Barbie Moreno

Distance Energy Healing

45 min   $125

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In a world where physical distance can be a barrier, Barbie Moreno brings you the gift of healing that knows no bounds. As a Distance Energy Healer, Barbie transcends the limits of space, offering you a unique and transformative healing experience, right where you are.

Imagine feeling the warmth of healing energy, the gentle touch of rejuvenation and balance, all from the comfort of your own space. Barbie Moreno, with her deep connection to universal energy, channels this healing power directly to you, no matter where you are in the world.

Each session with Barbie is a step towards harmony and wholeness. Her intuitive approach, combined with profound energy techniques, works to align your physical, emotional, and spiritual self, releasing blockages and fostering an environment of healing and growth.

Whether you’re facing physical discomfort, emotional challenges, or simply seeking a deeper sense of wellbeing, Barbie’s distance healing sessions offer a sanctuary for renewal and transformation.

Embrace the power of healing without boundaries with Barbie Moreno.

Your journey towards balance and vitality is just a call away. Are you ready to experience the transformative power of distance energy healing?

Virginie Miramon

Distance Energy Healing

30 min  $95         45 min   $140     

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Receive soothing, calming and balancing energy to help you relax, release stress & anxiety, promote better sleep, attune/harmonize your chakras, lift your spirit, release physical or emotional pain, boost your energy & creativity and much more.  Virginie Miramon has been working in the healing realms for over 20 years. She has a dedicated practice as a professional certified PureBioenergy® therapist and as an Intuitive.She is also certified and gifted in the healing arts of Reiki, Pranic Healing, Magic Healing, Champissage and Ho’oponopono all the while using her own inner

Based in Dana Point, California, Virginie is available for private in-person or remote sessions in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese.

Private one-on-one, couple therapy, online group healing and pet healing.

About PureBioenergy®:
This all natural healing modality is energy work in its purest form. PureBioenergy uses the energy of Life itself to address physical and emotional ailments by facilitating and supporting the body’s own ability to self-heal. It is a simple, elegant and structured method for any health concerns with remarkable results.  Each therapy is done in person or long distance, in private or in group, over the course of 4 consecutive days with one session a day. A session lasts anywhere between 15 to 40 minutes depending on the issue to treat. There is a protocol for every condition, from chronic pains to the more serious physical, psychological and emotional issues, including auto-immune and can assist other “incurable” afflictions. This therapy is beneficial to everyone, including pets.

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Molly Rowland

Medical Intuition (60 min)

$200  Hr.

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Molly Rowland is a channel for the Ascended Master St. Germain and the Council of Light, Medical Intuitive, professional astrologer and Tarot reader.

She has been trans-channeling the Masters for 35 years. St. Germain calls her a trans-channel, rather than trance channel and says that she bridges dimensions when she allows the Masters to work through her. “I go into their places and they teach me while they are using my body”. She began to trans-channel the Masters at the Harmonic Convergence in August of 1987.

Molly began to follow her spiritual directive when she was seventeen. Her first tool was regular playing cards. She discovered the Tarot in her early twenties and astrology soon after. She has worked as a professional astrologer and Tarot reader for over forty years.

When Molly was twenty-one she discovered her ability to read the body. She has been doing Medical Intuitive readings ever since. She has worked with doctors, chiropractors and psychologists all over the U. S. and Canada. She says, “I was doing medical intuitive readings when Caroline Myss was in high school”.

Molly has a global clientele. She is a teacher, lecturer and advisor to many people. She has done radio and TV work and had her own radio show in Billings and Laurel, MT and Spokane, WA.

Kat Stevens

Past Life Regression

30 min   $60                   60 min   $120

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A Medium, medical intuitive, and certified hypnotherapist, Kat Sanders’ journey to embracing her unique abilities began in 2010 when she experienced a massive brain hemorrhage and flatlined for several minutes.  She came back from that beautiful journey to the edge of the Afterlife with newfound knowledge and the ability to connect with those on the other side.

As a Medium, she is a conduit between the physical and spiritual realms, offering solace, guidance, and closure to those seeking to connect with their departed loved ones.  With her innate ability to perceive subtle energies, she assists individuals in identifying the root causes of their health challenges.  Additionally, Kat’s expertise in Spirit Attachment release empowers individuals to eliminate energetic attachments and break free from negative patterns that hinder personal growth.

Moreover, Kat’s skills as a past life regression hypnotherapist enable her clients to delve into past lives and assist in uncovering profound insights, healing unresolved traumas, and gaining a broader perspective on their current life experiences.

Russell Fox, DPT

Distance Healing

30 min   $100                    60 min   $175

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Russell Fox, DPT, Certified Personal Trainer, Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Pure Energy and Crystal Healer through PEH Academy, BA Philosophy and Religion


Russell brings a unique and vast background to his healing sessions. This background includes knowledge obtained via: Medicine Men, Bundle Carriers, Appalachian Mountain Medicine, Kundalini Yogis, Reiki Instructors, and other energy healers. Russell offers numerous approaches to healing. One of his most popular is his Guided Healing Journeys. He provides a unique experience with a wide variety of Guided Healing Journeys where he uses crystals to amplify the healing experience. 

Michael Esposito

Pranic Healing

60 min   $150

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I have been healing people from all walks of life since 2004.  I help men, women, and children of all ages discover energies in their bodies, chakras, and lives that are stuck, preventing them from moving forward freely.  I work with people experiencing dis-ease. Typically, that includes individuals in high-stress professions who might experience anxiety, depression, panic attacks, or just don’t feel right.

I help them address those conditions so they feel stress-free, happier, and relaxed. As an Arhatic Yogi, he maintains a consistent meditation practice.  He facilitates a weekly meditation group in Whittier.

Alisha Merchant

Soul Healing – Past Lives – Entity Removal

$150    hr.    $75    30 min.     $200    90 min.

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Alisha is both clairvoyant and clairaudient. She can see and hear voices whether they are in or out of body, in her presence or at a distance – and pulls in many of their vivid past lives to help her clients heal.  Her sessions are primarily focused on the life elements (physical, mental, emotional, habits, etc.), you wish to change, expand, heal or balance. The healing allows you to free yourself from “stuck” places by dissolving recurring destructive life patterns. Through this process, she will introduce you to your inner power, which neutralizes unwanted negative thoughts, emotional responses and habits formed and accumulated over this lifetime and throughout all prior lives. These have been created over eons of time from the difficult and painful situations experienced throughout our human journey.

By clearing these patterns, her clients find themselves operating with fewer triggers, less physical pain or stagnation. Her healing work calls in both divine opportunities and greater success for their personal life path journey.

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Jessi Marcotte

Spiritual Counselor , Reiki Master, Energy Healer, Chakra Kids Practitioner

30 min   $70                    60 min   $125

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Spiritual counseling and healing helps you be able to evolve in the way you really want, and to feel happier, more peaceful, and more connected to the bigger picture. So many of us are going through an awakening in consciousness process on earth right now which means that many more of us than ever before are starting to wonder what else is out there. People are starting to question their way of living and feeling that there is a different way of being. We all are starting to wake up more and more to the understanding that there is much more than our limited vision of reality tells us.

As an intuitive and healer I have gone through my own process of spiritual awakening that changed everything about the way I see the world. This opened me up to the calling that I have now to help others expand their consciousness in order to continue the evolution of awareness of humanity. I understand this process on a personal level and am so honored and blessed that it is my job to help others awaken as well! Let’s work together to bring balance and peace into your life.

Elexis Ansley

Applied Kinesiology, Mediumship, Channeling, Emotion & Body Code, Reiki, Emotional Healing, & Akashic Records

30 min   $70                    60 min   $125

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Elexis Ansley is a metaphysical reverend, channeler, medical intuitive, akashic records healer, psychic medium, applied kinesiologist, and Emotion Code and Body Code practitioner. She is also a reiki master and has a bachelor of metaphysical science from The University of Sedona.

She aims to heal others using muscle testing to identify and release trapped emotions, imbalances, and trauma. She communicates with your guides and Higher Self during the entire session in order to facilitate the best healing possible for your highest and greatest good. She channels anyone who is of the light who wishes to serve you and is a medium for those who have crossed over. Her specialty is helping you to feel supported and safe during the session and she can recommend products, supplements, and rituals that would help you on your healing journey. 

Spanda Makt

Soul Portrait Reading & Portrait

30 min   $80                  

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Spanda is an international spiritual mentor and multi-dimensional consultant currently based out of Southern California. Since the age of four in 1968, Spanda has maintained a constant connection with spirit guides on the celestial plane, relaying psychic messages to individuals from all walks of life.  In 1992 he healed himself of depression by creating a new meditation technique.

Today, he teaches meditation, energy healing, metaphysics and acts as guide for spiritual seekers and entrepreneurs to understand the context and trajectory of their mission on Earth. His energy and insights inspire individuals t

o both expand into greater abundance and higher dimensional frequency.


Soul Profiler, Intuitive Energy Alchemist, Trance Healer and Certified Hypnosis Practitioner and QHHT Past Life Regressionist, Level 2

$140 for 45 min        $250 for 90 min  

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Hiba is an Intuitive and Empathic healer with a background deeply rooted in various healing modalities. Guided by an unwavering belief in the body’s innate ability to heal, Hiba employs a diverse range of techniques, including Trance healing, Hypnosis and Autogenic Programming to name a few, to address physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalances. She also specializes in Frequency Healing that she applies either using her Healy Resonance with its comprehensive programs or generating a unique combination of Sacred Geometry and Codes that caters to her clients on a case by case basis.

With a deep understanding of the intricate connection between the body and the mind, Hiba utilizes the power of hypnosis to guide individuals on a journey of releasing and transcending past traumas. Drawing on her genuine passion to help, she creates a sacred and nurturing space for individuals on their healing journey. Whether alleviating physical ailments, releasing emotional blockages, or supporting spiritual growth, she tailors each session to meet the unique needs of her clients.


Clairvoyant, Life Coach, Tarot, Empath Intuitive, Aura Reader, Reiki Master

$150 for 60 min      $75 for 30 min    $200 for 90 min

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Born with the gift of insight, Panos is a multi-generational Clairvoyant intuitive Psychic who has been helping and guiding people from Coast to Coast. His innate psychic abilities and range of skills has brought him clients from all over the globe and all walks of life from varied professions. His experience, wisdom and depth have cultivated a rich and diverse perspective which are evident in his readings. He is considered one of the top in his field among his clients and peers.

Panos also focuses on life path issues, helping clients understand their current situations and work towards greater peace and understanding. His aim is to offer hope and clarity to those seeking peace of mind. Panos is a Clairvoyant, Empathic Psychic who is also a Life Coach, Certified Reiki Master and Aura reader who gains insight from his spirit guides.

Panos is able to connect and assist people to receive messages Clairvoyantly using Tarot, Oracle Cards, and Pendulum.