Dr. Janet Woods

30 min   $100        60 min   $150     90 min $200

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Access Bars Brain Therapy

Face and  Destiny Readings

Chinese and Asian Astrology

Feng Shui Enhancement

Life Shift Coaching

Medical Reiki Distance Healing

Space Harmonization and Distance Clearing

Dr.Janet Woods is recognized as one of the world’s leading authorities on Asian Metaphysics. She provides services which include distance healing and harmonization of your home, office, and personal well being.  Because home is where life begins, she can answer your questions about Feng Shui to enhance your space and uplift your life. She also does Face and Destiny Readings to give you the answers you need to live life to the fullest.

As an expert in Chinese and Asian Astrology, she can provide you with an annual and daily forecast so you can be prepared for life’s unexpected challenges. When life is giving you lemons, through Life Shift Coaching Janet can help you make lemonade. She believes life is a journey meant to be shared.