The Indomitable Spirit of Humanity: Concluding the Matrix of Fear 

Facilitated by Amaya Victoria

This is an audio class.

We were made for these times, having cultivated over lifetimes the faith, fortitude and strength within soul growth. Now is the time to encourage the same unfurling of strength of human nature, making it so there is a companionship between our major meridians and our “feelings”- emotional, energetic and intuitive.

It matters not what stands in the way of this final birth. What’s important is allowing the pathway to merge ourselves to occur, so that we may have this same merging with each other.

Amaya using music and sound will help you to experience:

  1. Your first breath in this world
  2. Companionship with the earth
  3. The identification and removal of the rotating geometric form of fear within the meridian system
  4. Replacement of this form with a rotating geometric form that is filled with indomitable light and strength.
  5. Beginning of identification of internal grid system
About Amaya Victoria

Spiritual teacher, gifted channel, healer, wise woman and elder… just a few ways to describe Amaya Victoria. For 40 years, her teachings have introduced people to their path to healing.

“Within each of us lies the potential to live life fully and joyfully. It’s a matter of removing shadows that keep us from the deep wisdom inside.”