Archaeology of the Soul


Facilitated by Amaya Victoria

This is an audio class.

Within each of us is a gridwork of energy that holds our soul intelligence. My vision is for the freedom of each individual, to whatever degree, in whatever way,  that is ordained between the individual and GOD.   In this workshop you will experience:


  1. Being taught what the grid systems are.
  2. Being moved into a deep altered state.
  3. Merging with the others in the group for communal support without interference.
  4. Identifying your grid work
  5. Having direct and complete activation of the system in self
  6. Once stabilized, merging the activation in each to the whole circle, that an individualized group grid is formed


About Amaya Victoria

Spiritual teacher, gifted channel, healer, wise woman and elder… just a few ways to describe Amaya Victoria. For 40 years, her teachings have introduced people to their path to healing.

“Within each of us lies the potential to live life fully and joyfully. It’s a matter of removing shadows that keep us from the deep wisdom inside.”