Kristin Vesa, MSIE, MBA       Business and Marketing Consultant

 Kristin consults businesses committed to delivering exquisite client experiences. During the last twenty-years she served non-profits, holistic practitioners, spiritual organizations, life & health coaches, and enlightened entrepreneurs. She emphasizes increasing revenue and client base, clarifying marketing strategies, and building the brand. 

 As a visionary and problem solver, Kristin quickly uncovers the root causes of  sluggishness and quickly determines specific actions to grow, develop, and transform small businesses.  Clients typically see an upturn of 30-300% in profit within the first year working with her.


Kristin grew up on a farm, holds 4 University degrees and many personal development, wellness, and spiritual growth certifications. Along with private clients, she instructed courses for The San Francisco Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center; consulted Agape International Spiritual Center, David Neagle, Anthony Robbins Platinum Partners; and directed Humanity’s Team Conscious Business Initiative. Kristin leads clients to realize their small business to the next level of effectiveness and success.

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  • You were an outstanding facilitator and thought leader for the 6-month CBCA training program I attended in 2017. The program will not be the same without you.   I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge you and to thank you for your consciousness, your wisdom, your insights, your guidance and never ending support.  You are a light and a gift to this world, and I wish you much happiness, peace and prosperity in your next adventure!” – Lisa Byron, Oakland, California
  • I would like to acknowledge your amazing contribution to the CBI Program through the past 8 months – one that has been noticed and appreciated by all, week after week. You have had a tough job from the very beginning and so many threads to weave…yet, you kept your integrity throughout and were always so positive and caring to those around you.” – Anne Keay, Victoria, Canada
  • “I’ve had the great pleasure of knowing Kristin Vesa for a number of years now.  Not only has she been a great source of knowledge in respect to all things business, Kris has been an extraordinary help for my businesses.  Her gentle way of guiding me towards the sustainable and scalable components of the business, her deep understanding of structure, frameworks, processes and procedures combined with an astonishing breadth of knowledge into human potential has added tens of thousands of dollars to the bottom line.  I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Kristin and her extraordinary foresight.” – John McMillan, Sydney Australia
  • “I am performing again- this time a TedTalk style – with UCLA.  I was thinking about how we talked about coaching through my writing and storytelling and how the hell that was ever going to happen, you believed I could do it, and then realized I’m doing it! And wanted to honor and invite you. “ – Lisa Williams, Ojai, CA