Janet Whitener 

Channeled Messages From Aero, Medium, Psychic, Intuitive Counselor

30 min  $75        60 min   $125

(949) 954-3052   Extension 722     $Pay for your session$

Janet is a gifted metaphysician with thirty five years of experience in sharing messages and information for those willing to ask the questions. Detailed, precise information is offered with a depth of humor only Spirit can bring. For Janet a near death experience at the age of twenty changed the direction of her life forever. Hear her story and meet those she calls her unseen, unconditionally loving friends and family. You will be welcome, you will be touched, you will be loved! Enjoy an opportunity to lovingly Interact with Spirit!

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Shelly J. Miller

Intuitive Counselor, Psychic, Medium, Transformational LIfe Coach

(949) 954-3052  Extension  712      $150 per hr. and $100 for 30 min.

$Pay for your session$

Shelly J. Miller is a gifted Intuitive Counselor, Psychic, Medium, Akashic Records Reader, (Past Life Information), and a Transformational Life Coach who was born with her gifts intact and has been reading professionally for nearly 30 years.  Shelly is known for accessing deeply accurate and detailed information and is a Master at Guiding you with all her skills through any issues or questions, be they personal, about relationships, business and career, health, travel, relocating, finding your path, and Spiritual Awakening. As a Medium, Shelly can connect you with your guides and family and friends who have passed on and are living in another dimension.  Her knowledge of Spiritual Law and A Course In Miracles will help you to understand how to identify and release what may be blocking you from the happiness and peace you are seeking.  You will leave feeling empowered and at peace, with answers to your questions and a clear game plan as to how to move forward in a positive direction.

Shelly J. Miller is a Member of Best American Psychics, the nation’s most elite, professional psychic directory.  

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Barbi Dahl

30 min   $100         50 min   $150    


(949) 854-3052    Extension  726     $Pay for your session$

Barbi’s soul’s purpose is to bridge the gap between the living and the deceased in order to bring comfort, closure, and hope to those who seek it. Her fresh, honest, and down-to-earth approach has earned her a vast and loyal following.

Barbi has the ability to communicate through mediumship and her psychic clairs. She is also a channel for which Spirit uses her to directly communicate to the World.

Barbi relays the messages she is given through one-on-one readings, via teaching classes to help others develop their own abilities, through personal coaching, and most recently via her podcast and blog sites.

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