Relationships in the New Paradigm

Relationships in the New Paradigm

with Gosia Lorenz

Maybe you have noticed that a lot of relationships around you are changing, splitting, uncoupling, breaking up, having problems, shifting, and going through rough times.

Are you in a relationship that doesn’t work for you any longer? or maybe you have been single for a long time and you truly long for a beautiful, nurturing, and loving relationship? As we are moving into different vibrational state, releasing the old, clearing karma, even ascending so will our relationships – romantic ones, with family members, and self…

Please, join us in exploration of those new energies and ways of being. Hear the explanation about three different types of relationships on this planet. Clear and heal the trauma and wounds surrounding your past and present relationships. The class will end with an activation, meditation, and inviting more harmony to old and new relationship. The single participant will get the tools for inviting a true love into their lives.