Bruce Dickson    Health Intuitive


$40  30 min.  $80 1 hr.  $100 90 min

I’ve been serving clients professionally since 2001. With your permission, I can connect long distance with your own Higher Guidance so together, we can look at whatever concerns you have.  When we have the causes of your concern accurately identified, we move to solutions; and often, “homework” if you are willing to do this.

I did my doctorate thesis work in Holistic Brain Balance, documented in seven books-booklets and another 35 on Best Practices in Energy Medicine, all at Amazon-Kindle.

For 20 years I worked with K-5 children and special needs kids, teens and adults. Okay to use me as a child psychology resource.

In 2008 I initiated, and with Camille Leon, co-founded the third Holistic Chamber of Commerce in the world, in West Los Angeles.


Dear Bruce, Thank you for your counseling guidance the other night. I woke up feeling very different like it was a new day. It was a very busy journaling day.Look forward to working further ~ K Blake

-=+  -=+  -=+

By the way, your guides were so very right on again! It’s amazing how so many pieces come together to clarify the bigger picture, and reaffirm the synchronicity of Spirit ~
D. in HI

-=+  -=+  -=+

Bruce, Thanks for the strength and support – you are the brother/father I never had. I wish had had you for a sibling ~ female client, name withheld

-=+  -=+  -=+

I felt a wonderful light, free, happy feeling after we talked that has carried through the whole day. In recognizing and accepting the grace of the release, I felt a buoyant part of my self return. What amazes me is how easily this occurred ~ Janaki in HI

-=+  -=+  -=+

I can not thank you enough for the session. I am very much a skeptic of things working for me; yet, I can’t deny feeling much lighter after the session. Very excited to learn more… Keep in touch!  ~  Kamilah

-=+  -=+  -=+

Thank you Bruce for creating such a sacred and heartfelt space for my healing. Your authenticity, expansive knowledge and intuitive guidance created an environment where I felt not only safe, but gracefully supported. This enabled me to actively participate in my own healing.

My heart-felt thanks and appreciation for the wonderful healing session ~
Linda (USM grad and Intuitive Energy Healer)

-=+  -=+  -=+

During a “healing” session of approximately 45 minutes with Bruce Dickson I was able to gain some insights to how I was able to cope with the violent death of my Father when I was eight years old, and how those coping mechanisms may have also been applied since then. Through Bruce’s gentle guidance I was able to “visit” with my 5-year old self and have a “conversation” about a troubling experience and how it affected my ability to successfully manage the results of adverse experiences and events later in life.

I value the “healing” experience with Bruce and would recommend it to anyone desiring insights to their consciousness and/or perceptions of life ~ John Goode, Legal Expert Witness

-=+  -=+  -=+

Bruce’s “Inner Child” phone session was excellent. He guided me through several hidden mental and emotional blockages. I have found myself, in various life situations, spontaneously using some of the techniques he taught me to be more fully open to the joy of the present moment.

I find Bruce to be a wise, skillful, and loving “Light worker” who is doing his part in helping mankind emerge into the great Golden Age that we are, even now, entering into ~ With full love and respect… Jim Martineau, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA (professional tennis instructor)

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