Fire Year

by Amaya Victoria

In the Elemental Cosmology of the Dagara people of Burkina Faso, Central West Africa, as brought to the west by Diviner, Elder and Author Malidoma Some, 2017 is a Fire Year.  Fire is the original element of origin and the state to which everything ultimately returns.  It is the gateway to the Other World, precedes Water, Nature, Mineral and Earth, and is inside each of them.  Fire is about dreaming, passion, keeping our connection to the ancestors, and keeping our spirit and visions alive.  If we attune to and partner with it, the energy of this Fire Year can help us deepen our relationships with our original self and vision, as well as with others, earth and the Other World.  It can help us remember, renew and actualize what we came into This World to be and do.

– Allen Page, Intuitive, Trance Channel, Dagara-inspired Mineral Gatekeeper and Kontomble Voice Diviner; Transformational Guidance, Messages & Teachings; Inspiring people to live their innate wisdom, gifts and purpose.  [email protected]

The fire is out of control; blazing, burning brick buildings. The earth, parched from the lack of the mother’s loving rain, catches the flames like a greedy addict. People are running, panic stricken. A man runs by me, without breaking stride he leans down, scooping a crying child to his chest. In slow motion I turn back to my left, my hair moving from the hot wind that this wild fire gives off.

A hot sun has come to earth. Prayers are singing in my head; whispers overlapping themselves as I begin to weep, my face still upturned, tears as hot as the blaze in front of me dripping off my jaw and chin. “Lord, beings of the greatest, save our souls.”

Gasping for air I awaken on my back, neck brace forcing me not to turn my head. My back arches from the echoing of this earthquake of a dream, tears running down both sides of my face. I lay in my sweat for long moments, hearing my breath in my ears, my pounding heart beginning to slow. Prayers sing through my head, “Save us great ones.” “Show us how to be.”

Grunting, I swivel into a sitting position. The light of an early morning greets me. Hanging my head, as best as one can with a neck brace on, I continue to weep.

This place is dying, I know not what to do. The people are suffering, I know not what to do. I am one of a handful of earth curator’s, my place is here amongst the people. Prayers sing through my body. “Great ones, you who know how to do this, you who come whenever we call. Great ones, hear, see, and help. Our world, your creation, the heart center for 12 other Gods is making its move. May we remember how to be.”

Moving slowly, I make my way into the bathroom. Cool running water soothes my hot face, comforts the tears of my ancestors and my dreams. I look up into the mirror, the image of myself looking back. The emerald green of my eyes are alight with a fire. My dream and the dream of the people, of the ancestors, of the heavens, sing from the light of my eyes. I weep. I am proof that life is still on fire. ~ Amaya Victoria


My dear friends, I am privileged to bring to you a voice of a very dear friend of mine, Allen Page. Allen and I have known each other for close to 10 years. We met at a Gay and Lesbian Healing Circle in Los Angeles. From there we struck up something deeper than a friendship, a connection that is not influenced by time, distance or circumstance. Allen is a very special man, and a very powerful elder. Not only that, Allen has a vision and concept about community that I find spot on. The paragraph that Allen wrote, which begins this blog, was born out of a long phone conversation. In this conversation we spoke of many things including eldering, eldership and teaching the adults, so that our children may survive.

In a council circle many moons ago, amidst great discussion, a question began to arise for me. “How shall we, what shall we teach our children?” I find that this question continues to pose itself in my life almost daily. To me this is a signal that we are in great and important times, for our children are our future, and the future cannot flourish without being fed, and directed.

I am driving downtown. Sarah, five years old, is looking out of the passenger window. I notice a homeless man sitting on a piece of cardboard, so does Sarah. Turning to me she asks, “Mommy, why is that man sitting on the sidewalk?” I say, as if we are talking about the price of eggs, “He is homeless.” Silence, for many moments, then, “Homeless? What does that mean? Do you mean he has no mommy to go home to, no one gives him balloons and birthday presents? He has no Christmas? No one loves him?” My daughter is weeping, her heart is breaking. I realize in that moment how jaded I have become; how right she is in her perplexity. Sarah has no relating place to what I have gotten used to as being ‘normal.’
In her eyes, her knowing, the fact that this man had no warmth, no protection, no shelter was an atrocity. Fast forward 21 years, a lifetime ago my youngest child wept over another being alone and without.

Here we stand now, on the precipice of great change. This change is facilitating an awaking; bringing us to our senses. Like my child so many years ago, so many of us stand stunned, unable to tolerate such separation, isolation and destitution.
When I go to spirit to ‘discuss’ the doings politically in this world I am brushed aside. Spirit is not interested in discussing ‘politics’ with me. No, they talk to me about the magic in all of this; the greatness of this transitory time. They speak to me, saying it is to be expected given the movement of the God head, as the 12th and 13th realities are formed.

It is early July, and I am sitting with my elder. I have come to her because I am entangled with fear. I do not know where I should live, when, if at all, I should move, or what to do with my ministry. My elder asks to speak to, ‘my people.’ “What, who?” I ask. “Your people” she says, “You do channel, right?”

Right, I do. She addresses my ‘people’, getting their feedback about my above questions.

As she is conversing with them, a message is presented to her about the coming times. “There comes a time now, as the veils lift that there will be a great impact. This impact will be the heavens and earth colliding.” My elder states, “I see it as a fine stitching together.” My ‘people’ respond, “First a great impact. Then after this impact, like a good tailor the edges will be brought together and stitched well into place.”

We have lived through the years of the great unwinding. Fire is like a tailor tearing open a seam that was badly stitched or to old to hold together the fabric.

Let this fire lead you. It is time to ask yourselves the following questions. Where am I in right relation with/to spirit? Where am I in right relation with the earth? Where am I in right relation with the ancestors, including our galactic elders? Where am I in right relations with myself and others? This year of fire will open the doors seamlessly between our middle and upper worlds.

As your questions are answered you will know what to teach our children.

“The wolf will live with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the goat, the calf and the lion and the yearling together; and a little child will lead them.”
-Isaiah 11:6

Why is Spiritual Growth Important?

By The Soulmanity Sisters – Ana Reina and Dr. Katana

Have you ever wondered why you are here on Earth? What you are doing? What does your life mean to you? All of these questions have been asked since the birth of mankind, yet do we ever really get direct answers to any of them?

If you are questioning, then you are slowly coming out of your deep sleep and awakening. You finally realize that there is more to life and you have this deep thirst of finding out what your life purpose or divine mission may be.

Without clarity and without truly knowing why and what you are doing, you will feel unfulfilled, even empty. As you become aware that you are a 3-part being – namely body, mind and your spirit, you start to realize that you need to try to balance all three.

Most of us have been so focused on the bodily and ego side of things, it’s time to embrace your spiritual side.

Your spirituality is much more than what you would like to accomplish in life. Embrace your spiritual side and learn to tune into the Divine! You can find Balance, Peace and Mindfulness.

You actually have ALL THE KEYS AND ANSWERS within you. And deep down inside, you know it, too! You just don’t remember how to access it. But the veil is lifting, we now all have the chance to develop our spiritual growth more rapidly.

Manifesting from Your Soul Code™

by  Rev Roz Esposito 

Who doesn’t want to manifest something great in their life? We want to manifest a relationship, a great job, health, wealth, happiness. But many of us, while doing all the right things – affirmations, meditations, visualizations, etc., still come up short. Why?

After my own trial and error over the years, I’ve found what I believe to be the key. This is not anything new, but it is something that we miss unless we delve deep and discover our Soul Code.

Your Soul Code is that which is indelibly etched in your soul before you ever incarnate into this body. It’s your purpose for taking on a body and coming back to play in this physical realm. It’s your reason for living. And once you connect with it, doors open and resistance melts. From this place, manifesting is almost automatic. So how do we connect with it?

There are several steps to getting there and the first is to write down the “themes” you observe over the course of your life – what has been important to you, what have you always been drawn to? As you’re writing, breathe and be willing to see what you see – even if it looks nothing like what you’re currently involved in. The themes in your life are clues about what your soul is seeking to express. Keep allowing these clues to bubble up. They are just the beginning on the road to connecting with your Soul Code!™ Stay tuned for more!

Automatic Writing

I am often asked, “What does it mean when you talk about automatic writing?” That, Dear Ones, is a great question! I will answer it to the best of my ability filling your mind with much activity and, hopefully, bringing about more questions.

When you are learning about something new, find a teacher whose energy you enjoy. The most important thing a teacher can do is challenge a student and empower him/her to ask more questions and to dig deeper. Know I wish for you to continue your quest for the answers to your questions and to use multiple sources to glean the information that you seek. Ask until you are comfortable with the answers.

The first thing to discover when exploring automatic writing is the word ‘trust’. This is a very deep and conscious feeling of knowing. Know that you are surrounded by Guides, Angels, Fairies and Others. They are with you throughout your lifetime and carry with them a powerful and everlasting love to help you learn the lessons that you are here on this planet, in this lifetime, to discover. So, you learn to trust, trust, trust whatever these energies are teaching you.

First, set the intention that the work you are doing is for your highest and best good and that you are completely safe in this endeavor. Then, go to a quiet space where you have a notebook and pencil lying close to you. You still your mind by concentrating on your breath and letting go of Ego. Breathing in and out in a quiet peaceful rhythm you hear chatter and your thoughts interrupting you mind. Continue giving attention to your breath until there is stillness. It is at this time you will hear a message. Without thought or question, you will gently write down the words you hear. The key is Trust with a capital ‘T’.

It may take weeks or months of practice to attain this level of awareness. Sometimes it is easier with a guided meditation where someone leads you to the stillness needed to allow the mind to completely accept the quiet and to hear the words being spoken.

As I learned to trust, I first saw a wizened old man dressed in white robes with sandals on his feet. He was standing in a gazebo. I heard, what I thought to be, the name, Armadeus. I began daily meditation with the oneness breath and continued to write down messages from Armadeus. After re-reading the material the next day, I realized that this was not me at all. There were words I had never used. There were phrases I recognized, but knew that they were not a part of my daily vocabulary. Over time, the question was posed; “Are you really Amadeus?” The reply came quickly. “Yes, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart”.

I questioned why someone so famous had come to be with me and he told me had been with me many lifetimes and that I was quite a handful! During the course of your lifetime, once you have conquered automatic writing, you begin to ask questions of these loving energies before entering your meditative state thus receive answers that help to direct your life in a positive direction. That is how I developed my first book, It is I, Amadeus; Channeled Messages from Spirit.

At another time, I will explain what I know about vocal channeling as I channel several entities that are with me from the other side.

I invite you now, to take what you need and leave the rest. Go in love, light and laughter for Eternity!

Frances Pullen

Reiki Creates Relaxation

Today I would like to talk to you about Reiki. Most people, in this day and age, have heard of Reiki, but I sometimes wonder if they really understand what it is and what it does. So this is what it is for me.

Reiki is God/Divine Source energy. We are taught that through an attunement we become connected to the Reiki source. I believe this is true because until I received my Reiki I attunement I never experienced that kind of clarity. I also never thought of myself as a healer.

To give you a short summery, for years I was told by many psychics and intuitives that I should do healing work, but I never saw myself as a healer. One day I was drawn to a class for self healing and after a few weeks my teacher offered a Reiki I class and I thought why not. The day I received my Reiki attunement my whole life changed. For the first time in my life, I finally understood what I was here to do. So for me Reiki has become a way of life. Just like a painter must paint or a musician must play music. I believe I am here to help people heal.

I believe the most valuable thing Reiki can do for you, in a session, is to create a state of relaxation that allows the mind to open to the soul’s wisdom. As dense blocked energy is lifted and removed, the body begins to heal. This creates a clear mind for the higher information to flow in so the decisions you make are the right ones.

If you have never experienced a Reiki session I suggest you treat yourself today and find out how it can improve your life. If this sounds like something you might be interested in learning contact me for class dates or for a session.

See your Light and Expect Miracles

Jade Elizabeth