The Mystery of Tarot

by Madison Charap


Oftentimes when I am working at an event, I get people in my line who don’t know much about metaphysics, much less about the Tarot. It’s those people that I try to start with an explanation, not so much to get them to believe, but rather so that they can get the most out of their time with me.

The Tarot welcomes the curious. The cards are there to be shuffled randomly, so to come together in perfect order and mirror the world according to us, with our passions and fears, even showing a possible destiny. It’s there to answer our most unanswered questions and calm our fears without judgement. It offers us reassurance and casts light on our blind spots through universally understood symbolism….helping to give us a narrative so that we can understand our own lives better.

That’s what Tarot IS, describing why it works is a bit more difficult. I personally believe they work because we empower them to do so. If you haven’t yet discovered, life gets created partly by fate and destiny, and partly by our belief systems. When we believe wholeheartedly in something, whether it be meditation, prayer or any of the many divination tools…the Universe rushes forward to fulfill that belief. All these methods work in their own way, either separately or even together, to help point the way on this journey we call life. The most important part is that when we ourselves get the guidance we need, we feel lighter and then in turn can do our part on this planet, paying it forward by helping to enlighten others.


Madison has been passionately interpreting the Tarot, reading both privately and at events for over 25 years. A curious person from early childhood, she has never found a question to be too complex for the Tarot and has seen many people get “unstuck” in their own lives, once they were willing to look for additional insight from the Divine.

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