Tarot, Angel & Oracle Card Guidance


 Intuitive Psychic Consultant, Tarot, Angel, Oracle Cards

$125 hr.    $75   30 min   $185  90 min

(949) 954-3052    Extension  714     $Pay for session$

Frank is an intuitive, clairsentient, teacher and consultant. During a reading, Frank uses the Tarot, oracle cards, visualization and other guided imagery tools to guide a person to a higher level of self-discovery and spiritual insight.

He is committed to helping others find guidance and healing through personal empowerment for their own highest good.

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Frank holds a MA in Business Administration.

Carol Quinn, M.S. 

Astrology, Tarot

$120 60 min     $60   30 mi     $170  90 min

(949) 954-3052    Extension  713     $Pay for session$

I am an intuitive who uses my abilities as a clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and claircognizant reader, as well as my skills as an astrologer, tarot reader, and counselor.  I bring through loving insight and direction to guide you in understanding your life in a way that will assist you in making choices  that are in alignment with your soul path and your greater good. .  As part of your reading, I often receive channelled messages from spirit that are specific for you.

My overall approach is to work in the capacity of a supportive partner and mentor in your spiritual and personal growth process.  I am also a Reiki Master, an ordained minister, and an Ericksonian hypnosis practitioner.  I hold a Master’s Degree in Family Counseling and  have over 35 years experience as a reader, teacher, and spiritual  counselor and healer. I offer DISKSHA after each reading.

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Anne G angel

     30 min   $84        60 min $144          90 min  $214
Angel Card Reading, Clairvoyant, Intuitive Channel

(949) 954-3052    Extension  723     $Pay for session$

Anné is a Certified Angel Intuitive Psychic Reader. She is also a medium, clairvoyant, channel, teacher and crystal  healing master.
Anné provides angel messages during her intuitive psychic readings.  Anné utilizes her empathic gifts to work with the angels and speak through spirit. – she is the vessel for receiving clear guided messages to help support and validate  you on your spiritual journey. This includes all areas of your life.  including:   Love and romance, friendships ,life purpose, past lives,  forgiveness, career, money and abundance, letting go and cutting cords that no longer serve you.
She has studied with well known healers such has Doreen Virtue  and James Von Prague.
And has been reading angel cards since 2005.

She will also help prescribe or recommend the healing crystal needed  to help support your spiritual awakening and will incorporates specific healing crystals during your angel intuitive reading.

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Carolyn Kaufman

Angel Card Reading
30 min  $65         60 min   $125     90 min  $175

(949) 954-3052      Extension   702    $Pay for session$

Carolyn uses a combination of intuition and Angel Oracle Cards to answer specific questions you might have, or she can relay messages that the Angels would like you to know at the moment.  She also offers guidance and shares tools to help you navigate through whatever challenges or transitions you may be walking through.

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