Shamanic and Other Healing

Shamanic Transmutitive Healing, Master Psychic, Holistic Life Coach

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Shamananda is a healer, teacher, mentor and guide. She performs pranic transmutative healing, which is a cyclical process of pushing divine light in while pulling what does not serve the client out. The negative energy is then altered – transmuted – into something harmless. She also provides shamanistic services, coaches clients, is a Master psychic, trains top psychics/healers to reach their full potential, and trains students all over the globe for the purpose of attaining enlightenment, joy and peace with staggering results. Her core teaching is unconditional love.

Mataji Sri Shamananda is a Shaman/Guru, Master Psychic, holistic life coach, and the founder of pranic transmutative healing.

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Alisha Merchant

Soul Healing – Past Lives – Entity Removal

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Alisha is both clairvoyant and clairaudient. She can see and hear voices whether they are in or out of body, in her presence or at a distance – and pulls in many of their vivid past lives to help her clients heal.  Her sessions are primarily focused on the life elements (physical, mental, emotional, habits, etc.), you wish to change, expand, heal or balance. The healing allows you to free yourself from “stuck” places by dissolving recurring destructive life patterns. Through this process, she will introduce you to your inner power, which neutralizes unwanted negative thoughts, emotional responses and habits formed and accumulated over this lifetime and throughout all prior lives. These have been created over eons of time from the difficult and painful situations experienced throughout our human journey.

By clearing these patterns, her clients find themselves operating with fewer triggers, less physical pain or stagnation. Her healing work calls in both divine opportunities and greater success for their personal life path journey.

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