Shamanic and Other Healing

‘Iolani Grace, M.S.C.

Shamanic Healing, LifeShift Healing & Coaching

$80  30 min    $150  60 min   $220  90 min

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‘Iolani is located in Australia

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Experience the magic of Shamanic wisdom, principles and practices for today’s world with ‘Iolani Grace. Dive into the beauty of your heart, body and nature. Expand your mind, feel your connectedness, hear the unheard, see the unseen, touch the untouched.
As you journey in these powerful shamanic practices you will discover pathways to break free from the confines of daily life, dance into new sacred spaces and build your mana (life force). This session will inspire you to live in greater harmony and respect with yourself and all life. ‘Ohana, family, is the number one Pacific Island cultural principle. Aloha, compassionate love, is the greatest power.

For over 35 years, ‘Iolani Grace, the Heart Alchemist, has celebrated the human heart, body, mind, soul and spirit as an International Healer, Interfaith Minister, Dancer, Teacher and Inspired Group Facilitator. ‘Iolani’s gifts are in creating and facilitating magical spaces to transform, remember who you are and manifest the desires of your heart. She dedicates her life to the love, empowerment, unity and freedom of our global tribe. ‘Iolani Grace is respected, sanctified and encouraged in her offerings by Indigenous Australian, Hawaiian and Native American Elders.

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Shamanic Transmutitive Healing, Master Psychic, Holistic Life Coach

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Shamananda is a healer, teacher, mentor and guide. She performs pranic transmutative healing, which is a cyclical process of pushing divine light in while pulling what does not serve the client out. The negative energy is then altered – transmuted – into something harmless. She also provides shamanistic services, coaches clients, is a Master psychic, trains top psychics/healers to reach their full potential, and trains students all over the globe for the purpose of attaining enlightenment, joy and peace with staggering results. Her core teaching is unconditional love.

Mataji Sri Shamananda is a Shaman/Guru, Master Psychic, holistic life coach, and the founder of pranic transmutative healing.

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