Holistic practitioners, are you cheating yourself on success?

Did you know, success means something different on each side of our body?

The way we use the word “success” is out of balance. 

In the West, in the USA especially, when we say “success,” we are usually pointing to only OUTER success and its trappings: money, fame, popularity, travel, vacation, etc.

In our body-psyche, all of that “success” is RIGHT-sided.

What about the other half of success, success on the left side our body and our psyche? What is there?

Without this other half, we have only have “half a loaf,” have no concept of wholeness to “success.”

Q: What’s in the other half, the left-sided half of a whole-hearted success?

A: Being and belonging. Peace. Self-care and self-nurturing. Having the inner energy to try something new, take a reasonable risk, have a bigger dream and try out its wings.

A need to feel “belonging” is a left-sided need. Americans don’t typically talk about their need for belonging. Heck, corporate-consumer culture being so over-charged and extraverted, discourages us from acknowledging and talking about our needs generally.

Our over-YANG culture ignore, leave out, dismiss and forget our other half, yin half.

What if your visible lack of material success measures how much you love yourself as much as it measures keeping up with the next social media tool?

Success as bigger balance of YANG and yin

Left-side Success yin RIGHT-side Success YANG

Inner Game of Life Outer Game of Life

Feel at home in your own skin Own your own home

Many friends & supporters Big bank accounts

Connection, companionship wife/husband

Hope for your future 2.5 kids

A dream inspiring you big flat screen TVs



Note ~ This chart primarily applies primarily from our neck-down. From neck-up, the two Games are more converged.

Success in Inner Family terms

dg-Inner Family

In our gut brain, on our RIGHT side, what our Child and Father archetypes understand and want, is success in extraverted, exterior terms.

In our gut brain, on our left side, what our Mother and Wise-Accepting Grandparent archetypes understand and want, is success in introverted, interior terms.

Make sense?

Right-sided successes have less or little meaning for our left side.

Left-sided successes have less or little meaning for our RIGHT side.

The above suggests how “success” has two sides, RIGHT and left, YANG and yin.  

Which one is weaker inside you? That’s the one to work on first.

Are you cheating yourself of another 50% of “success”?

If we focus 100% of our attention on only success which is right sided, we can cheat ourselves of the other 50%.

The more unbalanced an individual’s inner life is, the more likely they settle for only a fraction of the success they could have.

Q: Can you say more about our needs on our left side?

A: Our Mother and Wise-Accepting Grandparent archetypes are all about ‘arranging things to get my needs met.’

We have four categories of needs every need falls into:

– Self (self-connection, etc),

– Others (Tribe of origin and adjacent Tribes,

– The World (Tribes we have yet to meet, including customers),

– God (circles back to self-connection).

How fulfilled do you rate your needs in each of these areas?

= = = =
Written by Bruce Dickson, initial gift session available on request. Online:


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