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Jumpstart Your Personal Evolution with Bach Flowers

April 17 @ 11:00 am - 1:00 pm PDT

with Duane Law, L.Ac.

Saturday, Apr. 17

11 am – 1 pm     $25


Carl Jung was the first modern westerner to describe synchonicity, a meaningful coincidence.

If one thinks of a friend, the phone rings moments later and it’s them … that’s one example.

In the 1930s a British microbiologist and clinician, Ed Bach, PhD, decided he’d had enough of trying to heal with the medicine of his day and went looking for a way to address the emotional states he decided were the cause of most of the physical disease he’d been treating.

Inspired by the early homeopaths, he emerged after years of wandering the English countryside with a list of 38 “remedies” … sun teas made from flower petals. Bach claimed his remedies could accelerate our ability to process and grow beyond the calcified mindsets many of us inhabit without realizing it, mindsets that shape our perceptions and outcomes.

I first encountered the Bach flowers as a young man; as I’ve grown older I find myself going back to them again and again not only to ease my own transitions and facilitate my personal growth, but also to address the kinds of stresses my clients bring me; the stresses we all face as we navigate life.

For decades I’ve watched them accelerate synchronicities that address the issues for which people take them. Someone waiting for their ship to come in spots a sail on the horizon. Another with a daughter in trouble with drugs hears their child’s made a decision to enter rehab. Another with deep anxiety about their future prospects wakes with a surprising new sense of inner peace and finds doors opening as if by magic.

For a hard science geek like me … watching the flower essences at work over the years has been a healthy reminder that there’s a lot more to life than randomized controlled data. That while we may not be able to always control our outcomes, there’s more than is generally known about how can invoke the ones we envision into being.

Come learn how to put the Bach flowers to work for you.


Duane Law, L.Ac is among the earliest acupuncturists licensed in the US. For nearly forty years he’s specialized in helping clients heal medical issues where conventional medicine has fallen short. Today he relies on a functional medicine approach, working exclusively online with education as the intervention. Medicine requires compliance; healing involves growth and change.

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April 17
11:00 am - 1:00 pm PDT