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Choosing Compassion

March 2 @ 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm PST

with Janet Whitener & Aero

Tuesday March 2, 2021

7 to 9:30 pm via zoom


Group discussion and channeled information to expand your understanding of why choosing compassion can allow us to heal and generate greater happiness.  Guided Meditation to keep for personal use.

The challenge facing Humanity going forward is to release our hold on separation and find our way to acknowledging we are all one.  With separation we generate better than, less than, not good enough, fear, overwhelm, etc.  With our acknowledgement that we are a piece and a part of God, Goddess, All that is, we return to the awareness that we are sourced in unconditional love.  Within that vibration of love, is the trust, truth, caring and belonging we seek.  Compassion, the concern for the well being of others and desire to respond to that concern, is the first step in reuniting us.  We will be discussing how we generate compassion, how it is different from sympathy or empathy, and why we resist choosing it.  Includes meditation.

Information brings insight.  Insight brings opportunity.

Opportunity to see more of who you really are, to see, to perceive this human reality in a new way.  Join us, you will be welcome.

Class Closed.


March 2
7:00 pm - 9:30 pm PST