Energy, Technology and Faith : Psychic Connections in the Age of Zoom

By Madison Charap

Before this pandemic hit, there were tons of large scale gatherings.  Sure there came a lull during the recession, but recent years have brought an absolute explosion of corporate events, holiday parties, press junkets and multiple other reasons for the need to hire a psychic to create a bit of buzz around an evening.  Until the shutdown. Then it became weird just to go to a store.

Thank goodness for technology. It has really helped to keep us all connected, in-the-know, entertained at home and basically feeling like we are not quite so alone.  It has brought about Zoom reunions, online schooling, and I for one, even found an online wine tasting event.  We never could have guessed that our lives could be so busy from our living room couches, but they are.  And we are, as humans always do, managing to adapt.

So when I had to discontinue seeing my regular clients in person, a lot of them didn’t feel comfortable transitioning to the phone or online. “Does it really still work?” they would ask me, or “How can the messages come through if I am not physically there?” To help dispel the myth, the reality is that psychic energy is not physical. Therefore it does not need the physical world to perform kinetically.  Psychic energy works in the psychic realm, with messages coming through in a multi-dimensional way.  All that’s truly necessary is one’s permission for guidance, for the messages to drop in and provide direction.  Universal energy is outside the realm of time and space, and this is the energy that we as psychics, healers and intuitives tap into to gain access to the higher realms. In order for it to work, one just has to have the faith that it will.  That the unseen world of energy will be there working it’s magic for us, just like it always does.

So trust that the process through technology will still give you the same feelings of confirmation, wonder and even goose tingles that you would ordinarily encounter.  The Universe is quite vast, and if we are willing and open, the messages will come.


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