A Group Channeling: The Pleasure of Communing with Spirit: The Rising of the Masters: YOU 

Facilitated by Amaya Victoria

This is an audio class.

For every great change there is great chaos. This is the time of great change. Even though we are in great chaos, amongst us are people who are holding the center as fear abounds. On the  spiritual realms, there is spirit that is holding the center for us all.  Join Amaya and Isaiah and the group for a 1 ½ hour group in which spirit will speak to you. You get to ask questions, and spirit help us continue to rise through and above all the darkness.

About Amaya Victoria

Spiritual teacher, gifted channel, healer, wise woman and elder… just a few ways to describe Amaya Victoria. For 40 years, her teachings have introduced people to their path to healing.

“Within each of us lies the potential to live life fully and joyfully. It’s a matter of removing shadows that keep us from the deep wisdom inside.”