Energy, Technology and Faith : Psychic Connections in the Age of Zoom

By Madison Charap

Before this pandemic hit, there were tons of large scale gatherings.  Sure there came a lull during the recession, but recent years have brought an absolute explosion of corporate events, holiday parties, press junkets and multiple other reasons for the need to hire a psychic to create a bit of buzz around an evening.  Until the shutdown. Then it became weird just to go to a store.

Thank goodness for technology. It has really helped to keep us all connected, in-the-know, entertained at home and basically feeling like we are not quite so alone.  It has brought about Zoom reunions, online schooling, and I for one, even found an online wine tasting event.  We never could have guessed that our lives could be so busy from our living room couches, but they are.  And we are, as humans always do, managing to adapt.

So when I had to discontinue seeing my regular clients in person, a lot of them didn’t feel comfortable transitioning to the phone or online. “Does it really still work?” they would ask me, or “How can the messages come through if I am not physically there?” To help dispel the myth, the reality is that psychic energy is not physical. Therefore it does not need the physical world to perform kinetically.  Psychic energy works in the psychic realm, with messages coming through in a multi-dimensional way.  All that’s truly necessary is one’s permission for guidance, for the messages to drop in and provide direction.  Universal energy is outside the realm of time and space, and this is the energy that we as psychics, healers and intuitives tap into to gain access to the higher realms. In order for it to work, one just has to have the faith that it will.  That the unseen world of energy will be there working it’s magic for us, just like it always does.

So trust that the process through technology will still give you the same feelings of confirmation, wonder and even goose tingles that you would ordinarily encounter.  The Universe is quite vast, and if we are willing and open, the messages will come.


The Mystery of Tarot

by Madison Charap


Oftentimes when I am working at an event, I get people in my line who don’t know much about metaphysics, much less about the Tarot. It’s those people that I try to start with an explanation, not so much to get them to believe, but rather so that they can get the most out of their time with me.

The Tarot welcomes the curious. The cards are there to be shuffled randomly, so to come together in perfect order and mirror the world according to us, with our passions and fears, even showing a possible destiny. It’s there to answer our most unanswered questions and calm our fears without judgement. It offers us reassurance and casts light on our blind spots through universally understood symbolism….helping to give us a narrative so that we can understand our own lives better.

That’s what Tarot IS, describing why it works is a bit more difficult. I personally believe they work because we empower them to do so. If you haven’t yet discovered, life gets created partly by fate and destiny, and partly by our belief systems. When we believe wholeheartedly in something, whether it be meditation, prayer or any of the many divination tools…the Universe rushes forward to fulfill that belief. All these methods work in their own way, either separately or even together, to help point the way on this journey we call life. The most important part is that when we ourselves get the guidance we need, we feel lighter and then in turn can do our part on this planet, paying it forward by helping to enlighten others.


Madison has been passionately interpreting the Tarot, reading both privately and at events for over 25 years. A curious person from early childhood, she has never found a question to be too complex for the Tarot and has seen many people get “unstuck” in their own lives, once they were willing to look for additional insight from the Divine.

Fire Year

by Amaya Victoria

In the Elemental Cosmology of the Dagara people of Burkina Faso, Central West Africa, as brought to the west by Diviner, Elder and Author Malidoma Some, 2017 is a Fire Year.  Fire is the original element of origin and the state to which everything ultimately returns.  It is the gateway to the Other World, precedes Water, Nature, Mineral and Earth, and is inside each of them.  Fire is about dreaming, passion, keeping our connection to the ancestors, and keeping our spirit and visions alive.  If we attune to and partner with it, the energy of this Fire Year can help us deepen our relationships with our original self and vision, as well as with others, earth and the Other World.  It can help us remember, renew and actualize what we came into This World to be and do.

– Allen Page, Intuitive, Trance Channel, Dagara-inspired Mineral Gatekeeper and Kontomble Voice Diviner; Transformational Guidance, Messages & Teachings; Inspiring people to live their innate wisdom, gifts and purpose.  [email protected]

The fire is out of control; blazing, burning brick buildings. The earth, parched from the lack of the mother’s loving rain, catches the flames like a greedy addict. People are running, panic stricken. A man runs by me, without breaking stride he leans down, scooping a crying child to his chest. In slow motion I turn back to my left, my hair moving from the hot wind that this wild fire gives off.

A hot sun has come to earth. Prayers are singing in my head; whispers overlapping themselves as I begin to weep, my face still upturned, tears as hot as the blaze in front of me dripping off my jaw and chin. “Lord, beings of the greatest, save our souls.”

Gasping for air I awaken on my back, neck brace forcing me not to turn my head. My back arches from the echoing of this earthquake of a dream, tears running down both sides of my face. I lay in my sweat for long moments, hearing my breath in my ears, my pounding heart beginning to slow. Prayers sing through my head, “Save us great ones.” “Show us how to be.”

Grunting, I swivel into a sitting position. The light of an early morning greets me. Hanging my head, as best as one can with a neck brace on, I continue to weep.

This place is dying, I know not what to do. The people are suffering, I know not what to do. I am one of a handful of earth curator’s, my place is here amongst the people. Prayers sing through my body. “Great ones, you who know how to do this, you who come whenever we call. Great ones, hear, see, and help. Our world, your creation, the heart center for 12 other Gods is making its move. May we remember how to be.”

Moving slowly, I make my way into the bathroom. Cool running water soothes my hot face, comforts the tears of my ancestors and my dreams. I look up into the mirror, the image of myself looking back. The emerald green of my eyes are alight with a fire. My dream and the dream of the people, of the ancestors, of the heavens, sing from the light of my eyes. I weep. I am proof that life is still on fire. ~ Amaya Victoria


My dear friends, I am privileged to bring to you a voice of a very dear friend of mine, Allen Page. Allen and I have known each other for close to 10 years. We met at a Gay and Lesbian Healing Circle in Los Angeles. From there we struck up something deeper than a friendship, a connection that is not influenced by time, distance or circumstance. Allen is a very special man, and a very powerful elder. Not only that, Allen has a vision and concept about community that I find spot on. The paragraph that Allen wrote, which begins this blog, was born out of a long phone conversation. In this conversation we spoke of many things including eldering, eldership and teaching the adults, so that our children may survive.

In a council circle many moons ago, amidst great discussion, a question began to arise for me. “How shall we, what shall we teach our children?” I find that this question continues to pose itself in my life almost daily. To me this is a signal that we are in great and important times, for our children are our future, and the future cannot flourish without being fed, and directed.

I am driving downtown. Sarah, five years old, is looking out of the passenger window. I notice a homeless man sitting on a piece of cardboard, so does Sarah. Turning to me she asks, “Mommy, why is that man sitting on the sidewalk?” I say, as if we are talking about the price of eggs, “He is homeless.” Silence, for many moments, then, “Homeless? What does that mean? Do you mean he has no mommy to go home to, no one gives him balloons and birthday presents? He has no Christmas? No one loves him?” My daughter is weeping, her heart is breaking. I realize in that moment how jaded I have become; how right she is in her perplexity. Sarah has no relating place to what I have gotten used to as being ‘normal.’
In her eyes, her knowing, the fact that this man had no warmth, no protection, no shelter was an atrocity. Fast forward 21 years, a lifetime ago my youngest child wept over another being alone and without.

Here we stand now, on the precipice of great change. This change is facilitating an awaking; bringing us to our senses. Like my child so many years ago, so many of us stand stunned, unable to tolerate such separation, isolation and destitution.
When I go to spirit to ‘discuss’ the doings politically in this world I am brushed aside. Spirit is not interested in discussing ‘politics’ with me. No, they talk to me about the magic in all of this; the greatness of this transitory time. They speak to me, saying it is to be expected given the movement of the God head, as the 12th and 13th realities are formed.

It is early July, and I am sitting with my elder. I have come to her because I am entangled with fear. I do not know where I should live, when, if at all, I should move, or what to do with my ministry. My elder asks to speak to, ‘my people.’ “What, who?” I ask. “Your people” she says, “You do channel, right?”

Right, I do. She addresses my ‘people’, getting their feedback about my above questions.

As she is conversing with them, a message is presented to her about the coming times. “There comes a time now, as the veils lift that there will be a great impact. This impact will be the heavens and earth colliding.” My elder states, “I see it as a fine stitching together.” My ‘people’ respond, “First a great impact. Then after this impact, like a good tailor the edges will be brought together and stitched well into place.”

We have lived through the years of the great unwinding. Fire is like a tailor tearing open a seam that was badly stitched or to old to hold together the fabric.

Let this fire lead you. It is time to ask yourselves the following questions. Where am I in right relation with/to spirit? Where am I in right relation with the earth? Where am I in right relation with the ancestors, including our galactic elders? Where am I in right relations with myself and others? This year of fire will open the doors seamlessly between our middle and upper worlds.

As your questions are answered you will know what to teach our children.

“The wolf will live with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the goat, the calf and the lion and the yearling together; and a little child will lead them.”
-Isaiah 11:6

2020: The Year of the Phoenix

by Amaya Victoria

Here I sit, cross legged on my sofa with my computer in my lap. Having taken a quick peak at FB, I see breaking news; a tsunami warning after 7.7 magnitude earthquake off Jamaican Coast.

A series of physical events over a very short period of time is now the heralders for the grand change that is upon us. Without blame, without pointing fingers, we are called now to look deeply at what is happening to our kin/earth.

Could this be a cycle that this planet has gone through every how many millions of years? Have we accelerated this process? We may never know. All we know now is that we must drop the generations of fear, selfishness and denial to begin a new world order, unlike the “new world order” of our governmental system.

In 1999 I had a large group channeling, called by spirit, to discuss Y2K. Isaiah and the Group did not actually wish to speak about Y2K, but instead about the next 20 years.

Needless to say I do not remember all they spoke about, but one of the statements that I do remember, that is emblazoned into my mind, is this. “You all think that it will be your governmental systems that will be your demise. You all fear that your goverments will be the great destroyers, the changers of mankind. No, they will have a place in all of the great changes, yet they will not be the primary change makers. Your earth, she will be the one to make the changes necessary. The earth shall shuck and jive, making you, each of you, to form community once again. For if water, food, and shelter is in short supply, there will be no other choice but to learn to take care of each other and the earth. In truth, your governments will be incidental, insignificant to all that will be occurring.”

Here we are then. Now is the time. In December of 2019 spirit told me 2020 is the year of the Phoenix.

This is the definition and influence of Phoenix energy: “It represents transformation, death, and rebirth in its fire. As a powerful spiritual totem, the phoenix is the ultimate symbol of strength and renewal. As both a fire and solar symbol, the phoenix animal guide is symbolic of the sun, which “dies” in setting each night only to be reborn in rising the next morning.”

The Phoenix needs the fire, it is where her rebirth comes from, where her death goes to. Into fire she goes burned into nothingness. Out of fire she comes, each time larger, intent in the purpose of protection, beauty and transformation. The Phoenix lets nothing stand in her way.

Only those so privileged are coupled with Phoenix. We have been asked to stand in the overindulgence of one’s ego, to drown in the denial of one’s love, to suffer through the experience of separation. To turn our faces away from our connection to all that is.

For the one and only way to become free of such behavior, thought, and perception, is to become a whole new universe. It would make sense then that the pivot point of such deep suffering, would become the pivot point of such freedom.

We stand at the edge of extinction. Yet, in each of us is that voice. At times small and still, right now large and loud, calling us together.

At this dark night of the soul, the eclipse of darkness covers us. Let us remember that there is going to be another morning, and this morning will be the song of human kind soul bringing incarnate to this physical realm, the light, which is an energetic, emotional form to be used through a mental creation to bring harmony to earth.

What can you do to help? What do you need to do to heal? What are the next steps?

Work on rebutting your thoughts that speak of suffering and separation. It is of no real good to attempt to create your reality, unless you are of the generous pleasure of oneness. ASK FOR HELP.

Find groups, healers, meditations, and information on how to do this. Find what works in that moment for you.

Find the healing places, you might as well, for the heavens are pushing you now to heal, best to do this within structure, then to be shaking, and rattling all alone.

Use chanting, toning, and sound to facilitate the shaking off, the stilling, and the restructuring of the mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic levels of you.

Spend time in nature. Look not for the high, instead ask for and receive the healing.

Spend time alone. Be with yourself. Pray. And for some of you, journal. Dream about the future. Make this a dual process. Yes, focus on yourself, but do service for others, for the earth. How can you help?

Remember others are suffering also. Have compassion. Stay out of the dark places. There is no need to add to what is attempting to go from you, from your history, from this world. Pray for the dark places on this world, to be lifted into the light.

Pay attention to the light. Remember what the light is. It is structured, formed and directed energy. The light is like a snowflake. From afar when it blazes it appears, well, just like a blast of light. Up close the light is geometric formation filled with an intellect that you and spirit infuse with direction and purpose.

Trust in the elders, those in physical and nonphysical form.

Pray, pray, pray. Remember we are all in this together. You are not alone. Establish a direct contact with spirit, make sure this spiritual connection is of the light.

What are the next steps?

Gather together. When a severe storm comes the cattle, run separate from each other out of harm’s way, yet it causes the storm to last longer. The buffalo, on the other hand, gather together into a herd and run into and through the storm. Lean in. Hold on. Hold others in your prayers. Literally hold others. Be held.

Become aware you are a walking grid, a living example of the light. Be proud of this, bestowed with an eloquence for survival and more.

Know there is enough. Give generously; of your time, attention, prayers, and self.

Be patient, yet hold on, we are in the time of the great turning. Once you start this permissive process, it will move fast

The heavens have a plan for you and us. Look not to see the outcome or the future. Be here now.

Laugh a lot. Cry deeply. Sing loudly. Dance proudly and wildly. Smile broadly.

Be still and know there is a GOD.

Ask what have I to learn from this. What shall you show me?

And finally, simply be in love with yourself. Turn your face, back toward life. Yes, the storm is here, but the ships still roll in and through the great waves. Be within the breath, the preciousness of it all. Have great reverence as the portals on earth open. As many pass away. As life becomes one with the light again.


From the Angels, To You, With Love

by Seph Deitlin, Angel Psychic Medium

Like you, I find myself reviewing what the angels have guided me to do over the last several months, and I am marveling at the miraculous way in which they have prepared us to make the most of this evolutionary shift that we are experiencing right now.  How perfectly are we lined up right now to joyfully serve with our various gifts?

Two decades ago, the angels tangibly introduced themselves to me with a message of a forthcoming elevation in conscious vibration, and the disruption that it would take to achieve that vision.  Something that I had no context for at the time, yet I understood the vision fluently.  We have all made a contribution to this upward momentum.

As an empath I find myself feeling moved to tears at the grocery store, as I feel the vibration of the soon to be awakened around me.  I drop into my heart space and take them with me, for I know thanks to the angels, that they are US in another body, and the way of the light is their destiny also.  I know what waits for them there.

This article is designed energetically, to connect with you in a way that transcends time and space, to lift you up and to help you to see that you are perfectly aligned right now in this moment to live the divine narrative that you signed up for.

Please take a deep breath in and out, read the above paragraph again and FEEL the connection, so that your faith based knowing permeates you.  Body, mind and spirit!

I leave you with one of my favorite quotes that I received from them, for the messages from the angels series that I channel and distribute.  “If you knew how loved, guided and full of purpose your life is, you would never worry again.”