Mr. Google says no pages on this metaphor, so here it is.

Have you ever been inside a church with stained glass windows during the day? You see the images on the glass as sunlight shines thru them.

The glass is conditioned by the color and drawings on on the glass.

The sunlight is conditioned by the glass and the drawings as it shines thru.

Now consider each human being alive on Earth as a unique piece of stained glass.

What “sunlight” is shining thru each human persona making each of us visible here?

Metaphysically the usual reference point is the Christ in higher realms; the Christ as template for the human form, the ecumenical Christ as reference point for truly human values, present in all Progressive religions.

So if your persona, your 3D personality is your conditioned reality; and, you as an immortal-eternal soul are the sunlight shining thru your persona-mask–which are you more identified with?

Q: Is this a choice? Do I have to choose between the two?

A: My view is I want flexibility to identify with either the form or the essence. In my daytime life, it’s practical to identify with and be of service thru, my stained glass persona.

In my daily spiritual exercises, I prize my ability to release unnecessary identification with the person, with the conditioned glass window called Bruce Dickson. This frees me to identify with the sunlight shining thru the glass.

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