HeartSpace Silent Auction

to benefit The Immigration Crisis at the Southern Border through 3 non-profits

All proceeds from this auction will be split equally to these non-profit organizations.  

All of these kind people below have donated these private sessions.  A hearty thank you to all of them.  This works like a typical silent auction.

There will be the ability for anyone to bid on any of the below sessions either at HeartSpace or online by email.  There will be a bid sheet at HeartSpace and the bid amounts will be updated on the website.  People will be able to bid online by email by sending bids with item # and bid amount $10 higher than the current bid to  [email protected].  Bids will be updated at least twice per week.  Thank you for participating.  The minimum bid for each item is $25 to start.  Subsequent bids should be in $10 increments.  Auction ends at 5 pm on February 29th, right after the HeartSpace Holistic Healing Faire.

#101   1 Hour Private Mediumship Session

by Master Channeler and Medium Maureen Allan

Value  $400

Maureen Allan is a professional Psychic Medium and Spiritual Teacher who has shown signs of having psychic gifts as far back as she can remember. Growing up in rural Minnesota, Maureen could always sense the emotions of people around her, know things before they happened, and give advice far beyond her young years. During these times, Maureen was aware that that the helpful information was not from her; but, rather through her. She was conscious of connecting with that person’s Spirit Guides or Angels, who were using her to channel their wisdom, intended to help the person receiving the messages.

It was in her mid-thirties that Maureen received a full realization of her unusual sense of knowing through a miraculous experience. Maureen began to receive frequent visits from male and female spirits, who announced themselves as her Spirit Guides, as well as being visited by an Angel. This period of Divine Intervention helped awaken Maureen to her spiritual gifts and that using them to assist others was her life’s purpose.

As a master level channeler, Maureen’s highly-tuned abilities allow her to help you connect with your loved ones passed on, by delivering their loving and healing messages. She is also able to communicate insightful guidance from your Guides and Angels to help you with your choices along your path.


Current Bid   $45

#102   A one Hour Healing session of your choice – Value $200

Jade Elizabeth is an Emotional Release Coach and Teacher

You have a choice of one of the four sessions listed below. Any one of these sessions will help you releasing past emotions and life situations that keep you stuck.

  1. Reiki & Crystal session
  2. Hypnosis – Past Life Regression
  3. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique
  4. NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) T.I.M.E. technique

Jade ElizabethAmazon Best Selling Author, Emotional Release Specticalist, Speaker, Intuitive

Healer, Hypnotherapist, Teacher, and Mentor!

Email – [email protected]
website – www.JadeElizabeth.com

Embrace your Magnificence,  Namasté

Current Bid    $25

#103  1 hour Astrological Reading with transits with Carol Quinn, M.S.       Value $120

I am an intuitive who uses my abilities as a clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and claircognizant reader, as well as my skills as an astrologer, tarot reader, and counselor.  I bring through loving insight and direction to guide you in understanding your life in a way that will assist you in making choices  that are in alignment with your soul path and your greater good. .  As part of your reading, I often receive channelled messages from spirit that are specific for you.

My overall approach is to work in the capacity of a supportive partner and mentor in your spiritual and personal growth process.  I am also a Reiki Master, an ordained minister, and an Ericksonian hypnosis practitioner.  I hold a Master’s Degree in Family Counseling and  have over 35 years experience as a reader, teacher, and spiritual  counselor and healer. Ioffer DISKSHA after each reading.

Current Bid   $60

#104  Session with  Carlos Martin Casados,  CHt, MNLP, MTD

 Hypnotherapy; Life Strategies; Transformational Counseling; Conflict Resolution; Neuro-Linguistic Programming; Wellness Consulting

$350 Value    60 – 90 min session

Carlos is an NLP expert & master hypnotist specializing in relationships, mental & physical health, strategic communication, & conflict resolution. He’s a dynamic & persuasive public speaker devoted to making a positive impact in the world. He will inspire you towards specific, meaningful changes in your life which will open you up to experience a whole new “normal”.

Having studied with international experts for more than three decades, Carlos is highly qualified to help you break free from stuck negative states and start growing towards positive actions that change your life for the better.

Carlos has worked with world leaders, entrepreneurs, artists, educators, and hard-working parents. He welcomes serious seekers like you, who are ready to start living up to your fullest potential and start taking ownership over the results you are creating.”      Carlos is a volunteer at the school on Tuesdays and a member of the SMHAS Advisory Council.

$350 90 min. private session package rates available



Current Bid   $130

#105   Uranian Astrological Analysis of 1 year future trends           Value $50  with Misty Day

Misty Day,  C.A.P. is a member of the International Society for Astrological Research

and has been practicing astrology since she was a teenager.  Now she does

Uranian Astrology, a branch of astrology that is excellent for character analysis,

compatibility, business and future trends.  She will provide you with a written

analysis of 1 year future trends for $50 which will go to Jerry’s project.  You can

access this analysis by contacting her at  [email protected].

Please send birth date, birth time, birth place, current location and up to three questions.

Current Bid   $25

#106   with Donna Peterson  Value $150

Angel Card Reading with several Tarot decks.  Love, Career, Family, Financial, Business & Spiritual guidance for the new year.


Current Bid  $35

#107   90 min. session with Katelyn Dang     $444  Value

  • Intuitive Psychic Readings for Guidance
  • Chakra Clearing & Balancing
  • Energy Healing using Reiki, Shamanism, Shekinah Light & Pranic Therapy
  • Distance Healing by phone or skype       

Katelyn provides clear messages during her intuitive psychic readings given to her from her Spirit Guides, Angels, and Bodhisattvas (Buddhas who promise to stay on the earth plane to help all living beings). Katelyn is an empath with clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience and claircognizance abilities. She will be able to give insight and direction along with guidance into one’s life about:

  • Love relationships, health, wellbeing, career, finances, calling, life’s purpose, friends, family,
  • business, life goals, grief, loss, and more. She loves helping people realize the oneness within all of us and how we are all connected to one consciousness/mind. Katelyn helps people realize that life is a miracle in itself. She works with loving divine energy using her body as a channel to open, clear and balance all 7 of your chakras, allowing free flowing chi/prana (life force energy) energy to flow throughout the body, naturally healing your body, mind and spirit. Katelyn is a Reiki Master Teacher, Medical Reiki practitioner and RSSP (Reiki, Shamanism, Shekinah Light and Pranic Therapy)
  • Current Bid   $100

#108   Session with Marcie Howard         Reiki Sound Healing

90 min session    Value $120

Marcie has studied and trained with Reiki Masters in both California and Washington. Her journey with Reiki began with Spiritual Director Denise Maroney, M.A. and continues with Reverend Christine Hernandez LMT/RMT, and Reverend Tom Sanders. She has also trained with world-renowned Sound Healer Tom Kenyon, Ph.D.

Marcie is a Certified Sound Healer and active member of the Sound Healer’s Association. Highly intuitive and clairvoyant, she coaches individuals in meeting their challenges and growth opportunities. Clients are inspired and encouraged to step forth into their lives feeling empowered, peace-filled and balanced.

Clients are invited to breathe deeply, relax, surrender and experience the warmth of ReikiSounds by intuitive practitioner Marcie Howard. In a gentle and supportive environment, Marcie re-balances the life force energy that flows through the body, promoting health and well-being. Gently coached by her highly intuitive capabilities and empowered to heal from within, clients respond at their own level of understanding, acceptance, and willingness to receive and heal.

[email protected]

Current Bid   $25

#109   90 min. Session with Bruce Dickson    Health Intuitive   Value $120

Bruce is a volunteer at the school on Thursdays and a member of the Advisory Council.

Like many Health Intuitives, Bruce is a Body Whisperer.  He uncovers solutions for client health concerns, without drugs or surgery, by listening to the messages from your body.  I translate these messages so you can understand them and learn from them.

With his 40 years of nutritional, meridian, homeopathtic and other solutions, together we ‘connect the dots’ and match disturbed physical conditions with workable solutions.

I find the easy way to support clients, is getting to and staying with your own Higher Guidance in the session.  It knows your priorities and therapeutic directions better than I.  I’m the “delivery boy” for blessings your Guidance has for you today.  Money-back guarantee within 24 hours on all work.

The goal is always to find clear therapeutic direction; so at the end, you can throw off burdens you no longer wish to carry.  I follow the Law of Spiderman and Law of Gentleness for Healers.

My PhD work was done in Holistic Brain Balance.  I’ve served clients professionally since 2001. I’m MSIA, PTS, Waldorf, USM, and NVC trained.

For 20 years I worked with K-5 children and special needs kids, teens and adults, teaching and as a child psychology resource.  In 2008 I initiated, and with Camille Leon, co-founded the third Holistic Chamber of Commerce in the world, in West Los Angeles.  Congrats to Camille for growing this network into the biggest one yet created.

40 Tools That Heal books in several series:  http://www.Amazon.com/Bruce-Dickson-MSS/e/B007SNVG46

– Book series:  Group Process as an Art-form (3)

– Book series:  Best Practices in Energy Medicine (22)

– Book series:  New Directions in Holistic Brain Balance (7)

Skype:  SelfHealingCoach

626-627-0296 in PST timezone

Find me at several sites:



[email protected]

Current Bid:  $ 25

#110   Rev. Marguerite Rathbone, RN     John Of God Crystal Healing Bed  Session for 60 Min   Value $100


Presented by Marguerite R. RN (Retired)

I am honored and humbled to be authorized to employ the John of God Crystal Healing Bed (really a canopy of crystal lights). I invite the same Healing Spirits that heal through John of God. I write spiritual messages (usually one page or more) while you are resting on a massage table. We review the messages and you have the paper to keep.
After 47 years, I purposely retired as an R.N. to search for “something important I was supposed to do.” After retiring, an amazing series of synchronicities lead me to John of God. I discovered my Life Path after visiting John of God in Brazil for 2 weeks in 2014 and 4 months in 2015. It transformed my life and my concept of what was possible. I was healed of several illnesses. Spiritual Healing is Elegant in its Simplicity.
Further Testimonials
1) John of God at www.abadianiaportal.com 2) YouTube A. Oprah Interview of John of God B. Wayne Dyer testimonial

Reservations required: Call/text at 949-510-5874

[email protected]      Marguerite is a volunteer at the school on Fridays.

Current Bid   $ 25

#111   Dr. Janet Woods   Korean Hand Therapy, Feng Shui, Medical Reiki  60 min. session   Value $150

Dr. Janet Woods is an internationally recognized speaker, advisor, and author in the area of Chinese Metaphysics, and Neuro-Architecture with over 15 years of private practice. Her company, the Art of Life is based in Irvine, California. Prior starting her own company, Janet worked for 15 years as manger in the customer service division of the Xerox Corporation.

Janet has appeared on numerous talk and radio shows and currently host her own internet based show on Blog Talk Radio and iTunes. She has published several best selling books on transformational living and is featured as a course instructor with the Daily Om. An avid speaker and editor of several online newsletters and blogs, Janet provides easy to use tips and valuable information for homeowners as well as business owners seeking balance in their lives and their environment.

As a professional member of the Asian Real Estate Association of America since 2003, she has participated in Design Home tours, and has taught and lectured to design professionals about the attributes of the art of placement and energetic alignment in design. She travels extensively performing consultations for homes and businesses and has consulted in Florida, Washington, Nevada, Hawaii, Canada, China, Austria, Bali and Germany.

She has been a featured lecturer for various organizations and trade shows as well as professional real estate companies and developers. Janet is on staff at Cerritos Community College in the continuing education department, and an affiliate instructor at Feng Shui Masters in Pasadena, California. She is the President and Founder of the Orange County Feng Shui Guild, and the Feng Shui Professional Association In 2001 Janet founded the Art of Life Institute, which is dedicated to the certification of future environmental energetic design professionals.

drjanetwoo[email protected]

Current Bid   $ 25

#112   Session with Janet Whitener    Channeled Messages From Aero Private session for 1 hour   Value $125

Janet is a gifted metaphysician with thirty five years of experience in sharing messages and information for those willing to ask the questions. Detailed, precise information is offered with a depth of humor only Spirit can bring. For Janet a near death experience at the age of twenty changed the direction of her life forever. Hear her story and meet those she calls her unseen, unconditionally loving friends and family. You will be welcome, you will be touched, you will be loved! Enjoy an opportunity to lovingly Interact with Spirit!       [email protected]

Current Bid   $ 80

Janet is a member of the SMHAS Advisory Council.

#113   1 Hour Private Session with Mystic Trish – Tarot, Clairvoyant    Value $120

Trisha Howe is a born intuitive who started psychic training at age 15. She has over 30 years experience in Intuitive Counseling, Crystal Healing Tarot, Mediumship, & Clairvoyance.

Contact her at [email protected]t or at (949) 836-2196

Current Bid  $ 60

#114   1 Hour Phone Session with Abbi O’Neill – Medical Intuitive, Healer   Value $150

Healing Illness Through Chakra Clearing

Abbi Lake O’Neill sees energetic blocks in chakras which create illness.  She channels readings specifically oriented to dissolving the blocks and obstacles related to your concern.   Abbi has done over 5000 readings since 2009 as a medical intuitive.  Her work restores the flow of energy in the chakras.  This supports the body to heal disturbed physical conditions; as well, supports releasing of  deeply entrenched mental-emotional patterns no longer w orkable for you.

[email protected]

Current Bid   $ 130

#115   1 Hour Past Life Regression with Christina Gikas  Value $150

Have you ever asked, “Who am I?” “What is my purpose?”  “Why is this happening?” “How am I related to others in my life?” Have you ever experienced déjà vu? Are you curious about your previous life or lives? Do you want to know more about your karma and dharma?

Past life regression is a great tool by which you can find answers to your present life issues. Knowing and understanding the purpose allows you to release the negativity and move forward. You can stop asking, “Why?” or “Why me?” You chose it for our spiritual growth. Knowing the purpose makes the most devastating of situations bearable. We can stop brooding and start living life with new meaning and intention.

Current Bid   $ 35

#116  CERTIFICATE FOR ONE SESSION  60 minutes – Value  $150 With Rev. Roz Esposito

Rev Roz Esposito – Intuitive Coach /Spiritual Counselor

Offering Clarity with Life Purpose, Relationships, Tools for Clear Communication and Decision Making.

Everything I do is a creative mix of modalities intending to assist you in breaking through to who you want to be and what you desire to have as you live the life you were meant to live.

 I was personally coached by Louise Hay so all of my work is anchored in self love.

As a Licensed Spiritual Counselor, Master NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapist, I’ve been working with individuals, couples, families and groups for over 20 years. My deeply intuitive work allows me to lovingly bring you into alignment with self-love, ultimately leading to expanded choices and unlimited possibilities. I create a safe, supportive space, listening with an open heart for you to speak your concerns, your fears and your truth. Whether it’s relationships, health, finances, career or a general feeling of well-being, my goal is to help you break through, finding peace, clarity and possibilities that you might not have seen before.  All is well!


Current Bid   $ 25

#117   One Hour Sessionn with Dr. Eve SpiritSpeaks      Value $200

Chakra reader, Photo Psychometrist, Doreen Virtue certified Angel Card reader, Akashic Record Origins of Your Soul reader

Dr. Eve is a psychiatrist who graduated from UCLA School of Medicine. A natural born empath, she since then has sensed that her lifelong intuitive skills have been a sign of her soul’s calling to spiritually help and heal others like you.

Dr. Eve is certified by Doreen Virtue as an Angel card reader. She is also a certified Akashic practitioner who even provides in-depth soul path readings, including where your soul originated, if requested. Dr. Eve specializes in reading chakras for relationships. For individuals she clairvoyantly visualizes your chakras and finds where they are blocked: she can give these areas healing while reading your chakras. Dr. Eve is adept at photo psychometry. Finally, Dr. Eve calls on your Holy Trinity: your subconscious, conscious, and Higher Spirit, who can speak to her regarding areas of greatest need for you, and point you toward your highest good.

As an Angel card reader, Akashic practitioner, chakra balancer, photo psychometrist and Holy Trinity communicator, Dr. Eve aims to enlighten, instill hope and empower you to connect to your source of energy and love so that you can better find your way in life. She is a highly educated, compassionate and approachable healer who looks forward to helping as many of you as she can reach, to the best of her ability.

Life on earth is short—make your appointment with Dr. Eve soon and get started! She would love to assist you. Contact Dr. Eve at [email protected] to request her availability for group, couple, or individual psychic service.

Current bid is $ 45

$118   One Hour Session with Dr. Stephen Florez, D.C.    including an initial visit which includes a consult, exam, and adjustment.   $150 value

Intuitive Physical/Structural Healing, Cranial Sacral Balancing, Chiropractor Doctor

For years I’ve been practicing an alignment-based therapy called, Sacro-Occipital Technique (SOT). This Chiropractic technique restores proper balance exists between pelvic and cranial areas. I can gently and physically manipulate you to realign your nervous system and allow it to function optimally.

Between SOT and numerous complementary energetic disciplines, I can address organ function, emotional distress, and numerous other issues. The goal is always integrating physical-structural body and energetic body for alignment and harmony.

Current Bid is $ 25


 #119   1 Hour Session with Maureen Welborn   “Akashic Adventures”      Value $125

Certified Akashic Record Reader, Clairvoyant, Spiritual Counselor, Channeler, Teacher of Intuitive Development and Meditation

Maureen has been a continual student of Metaphysics for more than three decades and a teacher for over 10 years.  Her explorations have led her to reading the Akashic Records which hold the story of your soul’s journey. Opening the Records in a loving and supportive way enables clients to understand current and past life issues. Causes and conditions are examined in the Light of the Akasha in a neutral way.  During the process, clients gain insights, clarity and understandings that allow them to move forward in faith and peace of mind. This type of reading is about gaining deeper understandings of what is happening on the physical and spiritual levels. Information brought through is interesting, touching, validating, humorous and/or thought provoking depending on the client.     [email protected]

Current Bid  $ 40

#136  Dr Jaya Pancholy (student) Integral health   Foods for wellness scan $150 Value

My practice is integrated holistic medicine specializing in Aromatherapy, Ayurveda, Accupressure,  Homeopathy, Nutrition, Supplements, Herbs, Meditation, Breath work, Yoga, Pranic healing, energy medicine, Kinesio tape,  for mind-body-spirit. I use biofeedback technology  FDA approved Zyto bio scans, Celluloma –pain acne, heart rate variability, Brain tap technology and others. My approach is customized for you based on your comfort, science & protocols for health, wellness and disease management.

This biosurvey will allow you to set filters for specific diets, view biologically coherent foods displayed by food category, and scan related food stressor Virtual Items such as GMOs, food additives, and pesticides.  Contact  [email protected]

Current Bid  $40

#138  1 Hour Private Session with Shelly J. Miller     Value  $185

Shelly J. Miller is a gifted Psychic and Medium with the ability to bring you messages from your Guides and Loved Ones who have passed.  Her Psychic and Mediumship Readings deliver deeply accurate and detailed Guidance about personal issues, relationships, business and career, and spiritual awakening.

During a Psychic or a Mediumship Reading, information will often come from Guides or Loved Ones or the Akashic Records about your limiting core beliefs that are holding you back from your full potential.  Shelly is a Master at helping you to release these core beliefs to help you gain clarity and peace.  She uses the Advanced Spiritual Principles of A Course In Miracles.

Shelly J. Miller is a Member of Best American Psychics.  The nation’s most elite, professional psychic directory.  She can be reached at:   949-237-2960 or SHELLYJMILLER.COM

Current Bid   $ 70

#140  1 Hour Private Session with Sheila Rose  Let Go Limiting Beliefs   Value $100

Sheila Rose is a highly sensitive empath, psychic medium, and healer with extraordinary abilities that have transformed her client’s lives. With her unique skills to see vibrational energy patterns, Sheila can identify the limiting belief patterns that an individual is holding onto in their energy field which hold them back from experiencing their highest joy and passion. Being able to perceive these imprinted frequency patterns, she’s able to access the root cause of these disruptive vibrations and assist her clients in removing them. Sheila is an exceptional transformational healer and guides with a loving and compassionate approach that will leave you uplifted and empowered.

Current Bid  $35

# 141     Value of Theta healing session one hour is $111

# 142     Value of ENART biofeedback pain relief (1hr) $85

# 143     Value of Reiki session 1 hr. is $85

Private Sessions with Phil Laing – ThetaHealing, Biofeedback Pain Relief

Bid Separately on all 3 sessions

Philip Laing is a respected workshop facilitator focusing on lesser-known esoteric practices that provide powerful tools for personal transformation. He also offers healing sessions in a variety of modalities.

He has learned Theta Healing from Vianna Stibal, the creator of this technique that uses focused thought and prayer in the theta brainwave state to effect healing change on physical and emotional levels.

In addition, he offers ENART therapy, a rare biofeedback technology utilizing Russian equipment that eliminates pain and catalyzes a rapid healing response within the body for literally hundreds of conditions.

The QXCI biofeedback sessions and Usui Reiki is also offered by appointment.

Most known for workshop facilitation, he has taught Drunvalo Melchizedek’s Flower of Life and ATIH material since 2005, Theta Healing instruction since 2011 and Kunlun Nei Gung internal alchemy practices as authorized by Max Christensen.

Current Bid  #141 – $25          #142- $50

#144  Frank Falcon, BS             $125 Value   One hour phone session

Intuitive Psychic Consultant, Tarot, Angel, Oracle Cards

An intuitive, clairsentient, teacher & consultant. During a reading, Frank uses the Tarot, oracle cards, visualization and other guided imagery tools to guide a person to a higher level of self-discovery and spiritual insight. He is committed to helping others find guidance and healing through personal empowerment for their own highest good. Frank holds a BS in Business Administration with coursework completed for M.A.

Current Bid   $60

#145  One Hour Phone Session with Annie Razdus   Mediumship, Akashic Records   Value $180

Annie Radzus is a Trance  channel of Isis, Advanced Certified Practitioner of Akashic Records, Psychic Medium, Evolutionary Astrologer, Medical Intuitive, Tuning fork Energy Healer or a Sound Alchemist

She is always a teacher and a student, encouraging her clients to understand their soul journey and their highest choices.  She is a specialist in relationships, and at looking at the patterns we all are working through, to understand, release and to shift our vibrations.  Compassionate, to the point, understands the nitty gritty of our lives and the shift of the stuck energy.  She, as a medium, provides a clear loving conversation with your loved ones.  She walks her talk, teaches with joy, sits in Sacred space with you with love and allows the hugest wisdom to flow through.

Current Bid $ 50

#146  Anne g Angel  1 Hour Session –  Angel Card Reading, Clairvoyant, Intuitive Channel  Value $150

Anné is a Certified Angel Intuitive Psychic Reader. She is also a medium, clairvoyant, channel, teacher and crystal  healing master

Anné provides angel messages during her intuitive psychic readings.  Anné utilizes her empathic gifts to work with the angels and speak through spirit. – she is the vessel for receiving clear guided messages to help support and validate  you on your spiritual journey. This includes all areas of your life.  including:
Love and romance, friendships ,life purpose, past lives,  forgiveness, career, money and abundance, letting go and cutting cords that no longer serve you.
She has studied with well known healers such has Doreen Virtue  and James Von Prague.
And has been reading angel cards since 2005

She will also help prescribe or recommend the healing crystal needed  to help support your spiritual awakening and will incorporates specific healing crystals during your angel intuitive reading.

Anné has an  energy healing jewelry line.    With the help of the crystals natural healing, Anné infuses special blessings and energizes the crystals with a personal message.  While making her Jewlery she will  Clear the energy, and literally talk to each stone as she cleanses them – This unique method gives her jewelry line a balanced infusion of art and deep energy healing. Anné G Angel jewelry will assist in healing you physically, mentally and spiritually.

Current Bid  $60

#120    1 hour Intuitive Tarot Phone Session with Carl Young, BA.   Value $125

Carl is a multi-generational psychic/medium and Tarot reader. He has 20 years experience in the field of mental health both in counseling and nursing, where he worked with adolescents, trauma survivors, people recovering from sex addictions, chemical dependencies and developmental delays. He has also taught special education with both gifted and remedial students.

He has a degree in History from California State University Long Beach and extensive knowledge and practice of spiritual and metaphysical traditions, both east and west. He also has a deep knowledge and experience with psychology, Jungian analysis, dream interpretation and philosophy. He has worked successfully with many private clients not only as a psychic reader, but as a private intuitive counselor.

Carl teaches Intuitive Tarot Certification Course on Tuesday nights.  [email protected]

Current Bid

#121  Leti Stiles – One Hour Phone Session on      Astrology, Numerology, Tarot with Leti Stiles  Value $150

Leti is highly intuitive,very insightful and skilled in working with people.  She offers Spiritual and intuitive insight through Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, Human Design  and Spiritual Counseling. She is trained in a variety of personal growth, psychic and healing modalities.  She has a Hyypnotherapy and Shamanic  practice in OC.

[email protected]

Current Bid   $25

#124   One Hour Phone Session with Doris Stephens   Channeled Messages from Spirit  $125 Value

At this event Doris will use her pendulum, pendulum charts, angel or tarot cards, and/or automatic writing, to receive accurate psychic messages from her Guide, August.  These brief sessions can lead to profound healing.  She can tell you how many guides and loved ones are watching over you with August’s help.  She may also connect with a dear departed loved one and pass along a loving or healing message.  Her messages are always delivered with a smile.

Doris Stephens is a psychic medium and healer.  Claircognizance runs on the maternal side of her family, Doris has been a student of renowned psychics and mediums, such as James Van Praagh, Tony Stockwell, Mavis Patella, Andy Bing, and Hollister Rand.

[email protected]

Current Bid   $25

Holistic Healing Faire

#122   One Hour Phone Session with Lisa Najjar – Mediumship Messages From Guides, Angels, Loved Ones     Value $180

GET TOMORROW’S ANSWERS – TODAY!  Let Lisa give you a roadmap to your best future, complete with tools to get you there! Lisa connects deeply with your Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, loved ones and the Ascended Masters, to give you precise, poignant, heartfelt messages from Spirit.  She brings clarity, direction and insight into areas of love, career, life & soul path!  Both a gifted medium and psychic, she offers both reading types.  Or you can just let the messages flow from any/all of the above sources!

Single & looking for love? Let Lisa play matchmaker!  She assesses your readiness for love, and what, if anything, you need to do to attract the mate of your dreams.  If you’re presently dating, she’ll tap into your potential can-di-DATES and share what Spirit has to say about each one.  A fun, interactive reading so come with your questions – and an open heart!                 [email protected]

Current Bid  $110

#123  One Hour Session with Susan Jouett, L.M.P, C.F.R.     Restoring Your Body’s Healing Power  $125 Value

I restore your body’s healing power by energizing tissues with tuned frequencies.  Everything resonates at a specific frequency.  Think of the opera singer who can break the molecular bond in a lead crystal glass with not volume, but the perfect note.  That is resonance.  Each type of tissue has a specific frequency.  Each condition of a tissue has a has a specific frequency in which it resonates.

Given the correct frequencies and environment, tissues can change their state and move toward vitality.  Neuroplasticity reminds your brain of the new changes (given the re-education of new movement pathways and patterns).

The frequencies and new movement patterns facilitate healing that is more complete than the alleviation of symptoms alone.  Conditions for which others have reported benefit include back or neck pain, injury, adhesions, scar tissue, headaches and new or chronic musculoskeletal pain.   [email protected]

Current Bid  $ 25

#125   One Hour Phone Session with Elena Vit – Numerology, Life Coaching, Relationships  $125 Value

Elena is passionate about empowering her clients through spiritual guidance on new life directions, life purpose, releasing emotional trauma, depression, anxiety and relationship challenges.

She’s been helping people to turn their lives around for last 9 years in a simple and practical way. She also collaborates with the doctors of integrative medicine to uproot emotional causes of illnesses and improve people’s health.

If desired Elena can use her clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities to deliver your Soul’ message when she prepares your Life Purpose Report.    Elena Vit, Life Purpose Coach – Spiritual Numerology, CPNC, CPLC

949-771-5754   [email protected]

Current Bid   $25

#126   One Hour Phone Session with Gosia Lorenz, C.F.M.W, C.F., L.S.H.C.  Intuitive, Past lifetimes and Karma Healing, Entities Clearing

At a very early age, Gosia began her interests in holistic health, spirituality, metaphysics, dowsing and personal empowerment. She continued her search throughout high school and college where she attended multiple courses, classes (Silva Method, Extrasensory Perception, Reiki, Dowsing and many others), followed by her adventures with the BodyTalk System, Theta Healing, Matrix Energetics and EFT. She encountered Access Consciousness™ in 2010 and immediately started using its tools and processes that proved to be highly effective. She became Access Consciousness Certified™ Facilitator, Body Process Facilitator and Talk To The Entities™ Facilitator and Licensed Spiritual Life Coach, facilitating classes all over the world and teaching various hands-on techniques. She is a gifted healer, published bestselling author (on money, parenting and magic), engaging speaker and dynamic change agent, shifting lives of everyone who comes in contact with her. She offers private sessions with advanced energy work (Maestro Symphony Sessions, Abuse Hold, Energetic Facelift, Bars and many others), past lives clearings, entities and demons removal and communication, shifting and transforming of limiting beliefs, traumas and blocks. Her website: www.GosiaLorenz.com    

Current Bid  $130

#127   One Hour Phone Session with Princess Davila    Mediumship & Intuitive Reading

$100 Value

My name is Princess E. Davila, and I am a 4th generation, natural-born intuitive and gifted psychic medium with more than 40+ years of spiritual experiences… a.k.a. – I was born this way!”

During a reading, I may use a variety of divination tools (cards being my favorite) or I may give a full, direct and detailed intuitive reading.  I am a “Shoot Straight from the Hip” intuitive with a gentle and loving delivery of more accurate and faster downloaded information.

As an Intuitive Psychic/Medium, and Master Spiritual Teacher, I have helped people from all over the world, both far and near, and I am looking forward to helping you in many areas of your life.

I first became aware of all my gifts, when I was very young.  I saw and heard the spirit of a family ancestor from the other side. Since then, I have been using all my ‘Clair’s’ to get an accurate insight for all my family, friends, and clients. I have trained in various divination tools throughout my life from Angel & Oracle Cards, Traditional Tarot Cards, Runes, Pendulums, Tasseography (coffee grounds, tea leaves, wine sediments), Smoke Burnings, Paint and many more…    [email protected]

Current Bid   $25

#128   One Hour Phone Session with Christiane Krenn

Akashic Records Phone Reading     $150 Value

Christiane  Kren    Akashic Records, Intuitive, Past Lives, Spritual Counseling

Christiane is committed to answering your questions, giving you encouragement and leaving you with a profound sense of well-being.

Ever since Christiane was a little girl, she has had a strong desire to help others. When she was 7-years old, she had her first premonition. Christiane has been giving accurate readings with a focus on positive changes and positive outcomes. You may choose between an intuition, Tarot Reading or an Akashic Records Reading.

With the Tarot and the help of her Spiritual Guides, you will gain insight and support to release the blocks that prevent you from living the life you want. Christiane will tune into the Akashic Records for you and do a reading of your soul to help you understand the spirituality of your life on earth.    

[email protected]    (310) 562-5824

Current Bid  $25

#147   One hour Reiki & Tarot/Oracle card reading with Debbie Demora from Raven’s Moon Reiki & Tarot.  Value $125

I am a Usui Ryoho Reiki Master and a Usui Tibetan Reiki Master. Reiki is a Japanese healing therapy technique for relaxation and stress reduction. It is a form of energy healing and I also use tuning forks, crystals and music to enhance your healing experience. I am an intuitive tarot reader for over 18 years and I call upon my guides & ancestors to help me facilitate your healing or reading.

Facebook : @ravensmoon66

Current Bid $25

#150   One Hour Phone Session with MORGAN NOWLIN – Angel Card Reader, Intuitive.  Value $125

For the past 15 years, I’ve been on a Metaphysical journey leading me to share and discover abilities I can no longer keep dormant. As a teenager, I was exposed to healing and meditation from practitioners with over 30 years of experience. I parted from their training to pursue my education eventually obtaining a Master’s degree. Currently as a Medical Student, I’m a generational intuitive who is practiced in Angel card psychic readings. Let us share a moment in our paths to discover what messages.

Current Bid   $

#151   One Hour Phone Session with Sindy King     Finding Love in the Stars   Value $150

What to expect in our session? Finding love doesn’t have to be a challenge and maybe you are wondering what it is going to take to find lasting love. With the support of Vedic astrology, we can have look at your stars. We will need the time of birth, date of birth and location.
If you are struggling to know if the other person is the one or feeling frustrated but no one understands your romantic relationship dynamic. You want to save your relationship, but you don’t know where to start.
The stars are going to lead you the way to find lasting love and mapping out a strategy.

What to expect in the session?
15 min Love Question Horary – You have burning questions about your love life and you don’t know the other potential lover birth time, date of birth. You want a deep perspective about what is going on with the relationship. Because you are confused about starting a new relationship, break up that you can’t get over or think if you want to leave the relationship. You can ask one question, the stars will provide ‘yes or no’ questions and be mindful it is one question, so you want to focus on asking a question that could be answered ‘yes or no’. This is an opportunity for the stars to provide you a clear answer about your love life.

30 min Cosmo Compatibility: You will discover a deep and rich message from the stars and the relationship compatibility. We will be looking at how you feel about each other and areas of you can create drama. So, you have a better understanding of how you can create lasting love with the partner you want without the relationship fizzling out. You will be leaving this session empowering and having the free will to have lasting love.

Current Bid $ 35

#152    One Hour Phone Session with Shelley Hofberg   Clairvoyant, Tarot reader and Pet Psychic Value $125

Shelley is a Tarot Reader, Clairvoyant, Pet Psychic, Aura reader and Aura palm reader

Shelley does not ask for the Details about your life but will primary rely on her gift of Clairvoyant and the intuitive wisdom of the tarot to find the answers that you need to know about your soul mate, relationships, career path and money concerns  In a psychic reading with Shelley you will be more clear about your present situation and more aware of changing happening in your future. As a Pet Psychic Shelley can tell you what your pets are  feeling.

Current Bid $ 25

#154  Master Shaman   Elijah     One Hour phone session with Elijah   Value $150

Using the Divine Law of Miracles, people have been healed.

Chronic pain, scoliosis, osteoporosis, Lupus, Liver pain, dis-eases of all kinds.

All beliefs welcome.

If you are going through a hopeless time or unbearable pains – you are welcome.

Elijah, Native American Master Shaman, Medicine Man, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Ordained Minister, Exorcist, Spiritual Consultant, Paranormal Consultant and Reiki Master.

Miracle healer, using pure dimensional energy medicine, combining ancient wisdom and a very sacred guarded law of miracles.


Current Bid $

#155   One Hour Past Life Regression session with Mark McAdams    Value $151


For over ten years Mark has explored the metaphysical arts through life experiences, hands-on training, readings, research and workshop trainings in order to increase his skill level.

Mark is certified in Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy through the renowned Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Taught by Peter Woodbury, MSW.

Regressions can bring about past life memories, current life memories, dreamwork, messages from guides as well as future life visions. It is possible to heal self-judgements as well as other blockages.

Mark also works as a soul coach to assist people in bettering themselves and reaching their goals and true, life purpose.

Current Bid $ 25